Paper Choices for Children’s Book Printing

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The children’s book publishing market in the US is worth $2bn. So if you’ve recently written a children’s book and are ready to share it with the world, you’ve come to the right place.

First, you’ll need to use children’s book printing services. They will help you with all the design elements that go into making your book come to life, such as the book paper, cover, layout, and binding.

This page will guide you through some different types of printing paper to choose from for your children’s book.

Coated Stock

There are two types of coated stock children’s book printing services use for children’s books. They are glossy and matte. Both types of coated paper are unique in how they display color.

Plus, both glossy and matte stock come with a sturdy thickness that will last with use. They are by far the most durable option when choosing what type of paper you want to use. Children tend not to be gentle when reading, so the heavy stock helps keep the pages from tearing and crumpling.

Glossy vs. Matte

Of all the paper choices for books, glossy is the most popular. The lamination makes the colors pop and look vibrant. In addition, it provides a bang to the reader like no other type of paper will.

On the other hand, matte doesn’t have the brightness of a glossy paper choice. Instead, the colors are more subdued, making it easier to read. Also, the finish is smooth and professional-looking. The pages are flatter than glossy paper.

Uncoated Stock

Uncoated stock is becoming more acceptable for children’s books. The pages are still smooth, though not as smooth as coated stock.

Uncoated paper is typically a lightweight stock, like a novel. But, there are thicker options to choose from too. If you decide to use uncoated stock, you will want to use a more heavy-duty option that will hold color and withstand children’s use.

Color will have a nice contrast on uncoated paper too. Yet, it will look different than coated stock.

Black and White Printing

Although not nearly as famous for children’s books, another option is to go for a black and white text.

Scientists have suggested black and white books for babies because their retinas do not fully develop until older. Black and white register the strongest on a baby’s retina, thus stimulating the brain.

When printing in black and white, you can use uncoated paper. However, that isn’t always the most practical paper for a baby book. So, a better option would be to choose coated paper, like glossy or matte. As stated, the heavier stock will hold up over time.

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Printing a children’s book is a thrilling time because you will soon be able to share your creation with the world. Before choosing what type of paper you want to use, think about the children’s book layout, your goals for the book, and who your target audience is.

To use our children’s book printing services, contact us at PRC Book Printing today. Our professional manufactures will help create your vision and bring your story to life.

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