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Book Printing Services in China

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Welcome to PRC Book Printing Services. We’re glad you are here. If you spend a few minutes touring our site, you’ll see that we’re enthusiastic about our printing and customer service. Peruse our superior high quality book printing and vibrant color book samples that we’ve printed over the years. We hope to earn your business by providing you with extraordinary value, super-friendly service, and by demonstrating a sense of urgency for your printing projects.

Overseas printing can be an affordable way to produce your hard cover book and perfect boundphoto & coffee table books, children’s books, magazines, catalogs, calendars, flash cards, board games and many other projects, but printing from China can be daunting to say the least. This is where PRC Book Printing steps in and handles every aspect of the process to make printing from China a stress free experience, but the best book printing services experience!

PRC Book Printing Services brings overseas book printing services to your fingertips by taking care of all the details for you.

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Your China Printing Company – PRC China Book Printing

PRC Book Printing Company is an American-based company working solely with one China Printer/Partner; with exclusive rights to the US, Europe, and Canada market for the past 10 years. Over the years we have refined/polished their book printing services, quality control, pricing and communications to meet US standards in book printing. With the backing and support of our high quality book printers, we are committed and capable printing specialists who navigate your project from development to completion of the printing process to the delivery of your goods.

If the job requires a quick turn-around or you just want to print in the United States, we have partnered up with one of the largest USA printing companies offering affordable book printing pricing with unmatched quality. US press equipped with Web, Sheet Fed and Digital presses, offering many features same as overseas but produced locally. Special finishes for hardcover and softcover book covers range from foil, embossing, shine FX, Scodix 3D UV and many other options to have your book unique. Long runs and short run printing solutions for hardcover and softcover books, LAYFLAT binding, magazines, brochures, digital printing and calendars; calling or emailing our team will assist you with our knowledge to ensure if overseas or domestic printing will be a fit for your book project(s).

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PRC and our China Printer partner are knowledgeable in manufacturing materials, work-flow management, turn-around judgement, printing plant capabilities, bindery operations and shipping procedures, which include export/import and customs clearance. We are in 24 hour communication with our high quality China printing company, which means we will always respond immediately to your concern or needs.

PRC China Printing Services offers exceptional affordable pricing, with some of the best book printing services around. Which allows you to produce higher quality book printing, more unique looking products at the lowest affordable possible cost.  This is a result of our continuous effort to minimize cost through improved efficiency.  Our offset book printing technologically advanced equipment allows customers to achieve cost-effective and high-performance color books solutions in a host of printing applications.  Typically, with offset book printing the larger the quantities the cost per book decreases, which provides a higher profit margin for the customer at an affordable price.

Why settle for “good” when “fantastic” is what your company wants and deserves!

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To find the best low cost china printing company or offshore printing company, you have to make sure they are the right China printer for your project. Yes, most China printing companies or book printers can produce overseas hardcover and perfect bound books, but what are their specialties? Offshore book printing services in China can be very easy if you’re dealing with the right China printing company, but be cautious of the China printer. Make sure when printing from China, you are printing with them for the right reasons. Anyone can find a cheap China printing company or cheap printers, but to find a China printing company that you can trust to produce a great affordable high quality product and that won’t take your money and run. Look, you can quote dozens of book printers and get dozens of different prices back. In the end you will choose the one that fits you the best. We at PRC Book Printing offer low cost China book printing services and best book printing services unlike any other printer. PRC Book Printing services, sometimes is not always the cheapest and know we are not the most expensive in price, but when it comes to quality and the best book printing services you can’t beat us!

What is it you are looking to do? Here you can learn about low cost book printing services we provide. PRC Book Printing clearly works with publishers of all types finding unique papers and binding modes; that will fit their book project.  Different binding methods allow the artist/designer/ publisher make choices on the books functionality and the costs associated with the book. PRC specifies as a self-publishing book printer which our client base is roughly 45% in our industry. Example a perfect bound book is a popular binding method, but if seeking a durable binding, signature sewn and glued into the book block for a long-lasting perfect bound book. Hardcover binding is also a resilient process. Call our English speaking representatives to implement your book printing services. You can read through our FAQ to learn more about high quality offshore book printing in China process. Our simple quote request form will allow you to submit your project to one of the best China Printing Services. If you are ready to go to press with your project, you can use our convenient FTP site to send us your files and get your low cost book printing in China produced right away. Your one stop shop overseas best book printing services in China, affordable low cost pricing and high quality color book printing.

If you would like to contact us with questions, you can reach us on our

toll-free number at 1-888-725-7817, or you can click here to EMAIL US.

We look forward to working with you!