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It’s a tale as old as time; a new, self-published author finishes their first project and is excited to show it to the world but has no idea how to print enough copies for distribution. However, while publishing literature was a hassle in the past, our book printing services at PRC Book Printing makes it a breeze. We truly offer the best Book Printing Services and we’re always near you as we serve the entire U.S. in every city and state in the country. 

Our team can print any size self-published book in any style you want, including any of the popular services listed below.

Hardcover Book Printing Services

Though hardcover books have become less mainstream with e-readers and cheaper, more flimsy softcover products, they still have a place in literature enthusiasts’ hearts. This is because hardcover books are more elegant, durable, and satisfying to hold than standard softcovers, and you can create beautiful hardcovers at PRC Book Printing.

If you’re printing and binding a hardcover book, the chances are that you’re passionate about your creation and want it to look and feel perfect. Our book printing company understands that, which is why we have a large in-house staff of design experts. We will help you comb through the countless style options we put at your disposal and make a decision that matches your book.

We’ve worked with many fiction and non-fiction self-publishing authors, but hardcover book printing services work well for all types of literature, not just narratives. Cookbooks, product catalogs, photo albums, and dozens of other book types fit perfectly in a hardcover. Because we use vibrant, high-quality ink in our hardcovers, picture-heavy books like those listed above are even better when you print them hardcover rather than with a softcover.

Perfect Bound Book Printing Services

Perfect-bound books are soft-cover books with flawless binding. That bind allows the book’s pages to sit evenly, providing a neat, professional aesthetic. In addition, since perfect-bound books use softcovers over hardcovers, they fit easier on shelves and are cheaper to produce.

However, perfect bound books come with the same standard durability and design concerns as standard softcovers. So you need to find a high-quality printer that uses robust materials if you give your literature a soft book cover, and PRC Book Printing is the perfect team for the job. 

Our perfect bound printed books are nearly as durable as our hardcover ones, thanks to our printing excellence and strong paper and glue. Additionally, we can finish a bulk order of perfect bound books in as little as two and a half months.

Our perfect bound book printing services are more versatile than our competitors. For example, rather than just letting you pick which print paper you want, you can choose between various coatings, cover flaps, and laminates. We also have a UV protective coating that protects your books from fading in direct sunlight.

Perfect bound books are also versatile themselves. You can use them for anything from lengthy novels or educational textbooks to casual reads like magazines and large brochures.

Offset Book Printing Services

Offset book printing services date back to the 20th century, making them one of the oldest commercial printing methods, and there’s a reason offset book printing has stuck around. 

Offset printing is one of the most cost-effective methods for publishers who need a quick turnaround and high photo quality. Thanks to recent technological advancements, professional printers can produce colorful, high-definition photos at rapid speeds, which is why most people use offset printing for magazines and photo albums rather than books with a lot of text.

Because offset book printing is well-regarded for its speed, it isn’t the best fit for small-run publishing projects that would have a short turnaround regardless of printing methods. However, projects between 500 and 20,000 copies fit perfectly with offset printing, and PRC Book Printing can finish most projects within days.

We offer two types of offset book printing; sheet-fed and offset web printing. Offset sheet-fed printing is where we send paper sheets into the printer, which stamps the image on both sides. The finished product comes out on whatever size paper you want, and sheet-fed printing offers a lot of flexibility in the type of paper you can use.

Offset web printing puts everything on one large sheet rather than individual ones. Newspapers and magazines typically use web printing for production so they can format their content in one unit. Offset web printing services are cheaper and as fast as sheet-fed, but there’s less flexibility in what paper you can use.

Board Book Printing & Cookbook Printing

Board book printing services are ideal for children’s books since they utilize thick pages that toddlers with small hands will have no issue turning. Additionally, we have a die-cutting tool at PRC Book Printing which lets us trim board books in any shape or design you want.

We also offer cookbook printing services where culinary experts can create a book in any style, and we’ll format it to perfection.

Children’s Book Printing Services

Children’s book publishers cannot skimp on product quality for their literature. Maybe more than any other type of book, children’s books need to endure wear and tear because of the rough use from young children and the desire to pass them down to future generations. That’s why PRC Book Printing and our long-lasting printing materials are perfect fits for your upcoming children’s book.

We’ve worked with countless children’s authors over the years, so we know what it takes to produce a strong, good-looking book. Whether you want a hardcover or softcover print, we’ll use the same strong materials we do for our other projects to print a book that withstands the test of time and is colorful enough to capture a child’s amazement.

Our experience with children’s books also helps us guide struggling authors to design revelations, so if you don’t know what you want your book to look like, we’ll help you figure it out. Additionally, we can print products that go with your children’s books, including flashcards, board games, and more.

Wine & Spirits Book Printing Services

Distinguish your Wine & Spirits book with high-quality custom book printing from PRC Book Printing. As a passionate wine or spirits writer, you’ve poured your heart into crafting a book that celebrates your subject. Let PRC Book Printing transform your manuscript into a professional work of art that reflects the quality of your writing.


Tailored for Your Vision
  • Refined Presentation: Elevate your Wine & Spirits book’s aesthetic with full-color printing, luxurious paper choices, and eye-catching specialty finishes.
  • Collaborative Design: Partner with our skilled designers to ensure your book’s layout and visuals perfectly complement your content.
  • Boutique or Bestseller: Whether you envision a niche, limited-edition masterpiece or a widely distributed book, we offer flexible book printing solutions to fit your goals.
Why PRC Book Printing is the Author’s Choice:
  • Timely Publication: Reach your readers quickly with our efficient turnaround times – no sacrifice of quality for speed.
  • Author-Friendly Pricing: We respect your budget and offer competitive pricing that maximizes your book’s value.
  • Dedicated Support: Our team is invested in your success, guiding you seamlessly through the design, printing, and fulfillment process.
Transform your manuscript into a captivating book that showcases your expertise. Contact PRC Book Printing today to start your Wine & Spirits book publishing journey.

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