Professional Book Printing Services in Connecticut

High-Quality Book Printing Services in Connecticut

As a self-published author, you’ve finished your masterpiece and now need printing services to show the world your work. At PRC Book Printing, our goal is to bring that to reality by providing the best book printing services in Connecticut.

PRC Book Printing specializes in several methods of book printing in various formats.

Unsure about the look and format you want, our printing experts help you plan the details – from the size and type of paper you use, to the quality of the cover that will adorn your published book.

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Hardcover Book Printing in Connecticut

At PRC Book Printing, we pair high-quality products with efficient production to deliver the best possible printed product. Meaning you pay less for your hardcover book printing services while still maintaining the exceptional quality of higher-priced alternatives.

Hardcover books still infatuate true literature lovers.

Hardcover books are much more durable than the alternatives and have an elegant appearance that looks beautiful on display. E-devices, if not charged, have no purpose other than taking up space. Plus, who has a wall of tablets on display on their bookshelves and libraries?

PRC Book Printing has the best team around serving Connecticut. We use long-lasting paper and vibrant ink that pops off the pages, as well as hardcover materials and binding like smyth-sewn to ensure your book stays strong and lasts.

PRC Book printing has served Connecticut for over 20 years. Our expert team of book printers know how to make a book look its best, bringing that experience to every project and client we work with.

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Perfect Bound Book Printing in Connecticut

Perfect-bound books are the most common and most familiar books found in stores. They fit easily on shelves, take less space, and make it easier for retailers to display an author’s work.

Perfect-bound books are used for different projects, especially lighter-weight reads like picture books and product catalogs.

Our perfect bound printing services in Connecticut help deliver a high-quality, beautiful, printed product. Since perfect-bound books are not as intensely bound or durable as hardcover and hardback books, it makes it even more important to choose and have trust in who prints your perfect-bound books.

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Children’s Book Printing in Connecticut

Kids are tough on everything. Nothing more so than their books. Children’s books undergo a lot of wear and tear, and that’s before most kids can even read them!

Children’s books are handled more than a standard book and are passed down amongst family, friends, or donated. This means your choice in children’s book printing services in Connecticut needs to be the best. Choosing PRC Book Printing assures your book is in the hands of children and families for generations.

PRC Book Printing has over 20 years experience printing children’s books in Connecticut. We understand the importance of high quality, but also affordability. We offer our clients options for choosing durable and long-lasting Hardcover or Softcover children’s books.

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Board Book Printing in Connecticut

Board book printing is a primary choice for children’s books. It produces thick pages that are easier for toddlers to flip and beautifully vibrant colors to capture children’s’ attention.

When you use PRC for your board book printing services in Connecticut, there are even more children-friendly options available to you. For instance, we can make your board book take on any shape or design that you can imagine, plus we use environmental friend soy based inks.

So, if you are writing a children’s story about an animal, our team can shape the cover and pages like the animal in your story to highlight its theme and feel, helping your words really stand out on the page.

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Cookbook Printing in Connecticut

PRC Book Printing supports budding, and experienced chefs interested in publishing their recipes in a professional presentation. We collaborate with you to design cookbooks that represent your culinary and artistic tastes.

Our team prints elegant, engaging cookbooks, which we can help you lay out. We use high-quality binding and paper to ensure we preserve your work of art for decades of chefs.

We offer several binding options with unique binding options for cookbooks, making them easier to flip through in the kitchen.

Choosing PRC Book printing in Connecticut, you can save 20-30% on your book which is why cookbook authors trust our cookbook printing services for over 20 years.

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Offset Book Printing in Connecticut

Thanks to advanced equipment like the Heidelberg printing press, offset book printing has evolved into one of the staples of our book printing services.

One of the most significant advantages of offset printing is its speed. This method is used for industries like advertising and publishing, where mass book production is needed within a short timeframe.

We offer two types of offset printing services in Connecticut:

  • Offset sheet-fed
  • Offset web printing

Offset sheet-fed printing earned its name because bookbinders feed individual sheets into the printer. The printer then stamps the image on both sides of the paper. Sheet-fed printing also lets you customize the type and size of paper you want.

Offset sheet-fed printing is slightly more expensive, and time-consuming than offset web printing because of its process and the extra materials needed, but the benefits are deep rich colors printing sheet-fed produces.

Offset web printing is more cost-effective for larger runs than sheet-fed because it puts all images on the same page making the process finish faster, but the quality isn’t as good as sheet-fed.

Either method can be utilized for bulk printing, but Sheet-fed printing starts at around 300 quantity to 20,000 quantity. Web printing is best at 5,000 quantity to over 1,000,000 copies. PRC Book Printing can produce bulk orders with stunning images faster than any other printer in Connecticut.

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