Perfect Bound Book Printing

perfect bound book printing

Majority of books found in the book stores are usually perfect bound book printing.  Reasons being a perfect bound book takes up less space on a shelf.  Perfect bound book printing makes for a clean and professional presentation with the pages sitting neatly and evenly.  Also, this binding method is  less expensive compared to hardcover book binding.

Perfect bound book printing is commonly used for novels, magazines (64+ pages depending on the paper weight), catalogs, educational books, cook books…If the page count is lower typically will bind as saddle stitch.

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The process for perfect binding usually consists of various sections with a cover made from heavier paper, glued together at the spine with strong glue.  The sections are milled in the back and notches are applied into the spine allowing the glue to penetrate in the spine of the book.

Typically when producing a perfect bound book overseas there are minimums which makes printing overseas competitive to a domestic printer. An example of quantities that entices a buyer to move their local project offshore: 8.5″ w x 11″h- 48 pages, 4 color throughout starting quantities to see economical value would start at 5,000 quantity. PRC Book Printing will advise if your project is worth moving forward. Depending on the size, interior page count smaller quantities might change the evaluation. Give us a call or email to learn if we are a good fit for your book project.

PRC Book Printing has partnered with a US printing team which offers excellent quality print and detailed services. If the quantity is too low, we can provide domestic pricing.

Check out PRC Book Printing’s printed samples of our Perfect Bound Book Printing:

When getting ready to request a perfect bound book printing quote, here are some options to think about before completing!  What type of cover and interior paper stock, matte, glossy or uncoated? What thickness is need for the cover that will mesh well with the interior stock?  What type of coating do you want to be applied to the cover? Glossy or Matte laminates, UV coating, Aqueous coating, varnish or without any type of coating. Do you want to add flaps to the cover to add on the extensive information regarding your novel/book?  Whatever book you’re trying to produce we can walk you through the steps and help you pick the right options for your project. PRC Book Printing is here to provide you with exceptional customer service, a longevity relationship for your book printing needs along with excellent print quality and great pricing! So give us a call 888.659.8320 or email us  NOW to learn the diverse options to perfect bound book printing can offer!  We will get back to you right away!