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What Are Magazines?

A magazine is like a book only with bigger and thinner pages. They can be compelling, elegant, informative, humorous, educational, and more, all under one cover. Unlike books that usually tell one story, a magazine combines a bunch of articles, clips, interviews, advertisements, images, etc., and puts them together all in one stunning booklet that can be shared with whoever you like. They can be distributed weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or other, based on your decision.

You gather the information then choose your options from what we have available and our printing magazine company will put it all together for you to create a real page-turner at a low cost.

What Do Businesses Use Magazine Printing Services For?

Magazine printing is a great way to promote your brand, products, services, or business. Reach consumers or employees in a fun, engaging way by combining promotional and informational content into a magazine publication. Your magazine can include user-friendly layouts, eye-catching images, and powerful publications under a stunning cover.

Here are some ideas for promotional material:

Business Magazines

Keep your partners and employees in the loop with a business magazine that includes the latest business and financing trends. You can include future events, employee news, articles about your products and services, and more.

Lifestyle Magazines

Whether you are into travel, guns, cross-stitch, cross-skiing, or others, creating a magazine that shares information about these different lifestyles and hobbies is sure to grab attention.

Real Estate Magazine

If you work in real estate, publishing magazines is a great way to showcase new rentals and homes for sale. You can list different destinations, amenities, and more.

Travel Magazines

Travel magazines are a fun way to promote destinations for travel adventures. Include travel packages available with impressive visuals they can’t say no to.

Healthcare Magazines

If you are in the healthcare industry, keep everyone in the know about things like medical breakthroughs, trusted advice, new research, and more.

What Does Magazine Printing Cost?

Get professional but cheap Magazine Printing at PRC Book Printing, where we can provide all your printing needs. We offer full-color printing in a variety of paper stocks, sizes, print quantity options, page counts, etc. Our prices depend on these factors and binding options, paperweights, and more.

Our friendly customer support agents are ready to provide you with a quote for Custom Magazine Printing.

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Custom Magazine Printing Options

Choose between many customization options for different selections of papers, such as a large print magazine, on matte, uncoated, or 70#, 80#, or 100# premium gloss paper. Also, choose between saddle-stitched or perfectly bound magazines.

Matte Paper

These are dull coated paper sheets that have a low gloss finish with minimal glare, which makes text easier to read.

Uncoated Paper

Uncoated paper is very easy to write on. Use this paper type for projects like coloring books or workbooks.

Gloss Paper

A type of paper with a smooth, lustrous, and shiny coated gloss finish that is excellent for full color, vibrant printing projects.

Saddle Stitch

This is basically, two-sided printing on single sheets of paper, folded in half, collated with page numbers, then using thin wired staples, it is stapled through the fold to secure sheets together. Finally, the 3 sides are trimmed to the finished size desired.

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is typically used for magazines with 48 or more pages. Pages are bound with glue at the spine, while the cover gets wrapped around them.

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