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Since PRC Book Printing is a world class manufacturing group specializing in quality children’s book printing. When it comes to children’s book printing in China the standards are high. We will assist with laws and regulations as your children’s book printer. This is where PRC stands out from our competitors. There are many types of Children products that we produce. From children’s hardcover books, children’s softcover books, board books, flash cards, card games, board games and much more.

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Children’s Book Printing Service in China

Our children’s hardcover book printing are made durable for the abuse that is given from the little readers. PRC Book Printing has a unique option; Side Sewing which provides a lay flat read.

For more information regarding further options for hardcover book printing see our hard cover book printing tab.

Children’s softcover book printing  has two options of either Saddle stitch or perfect bound book printing.  When producing the saddle stitch books, we offer a special lamination which makes the cover of the books lay flat and not curl. Bending is a big concern when producing a children book printing in Asia, which we have perfected in our methods over the years.  For children’s perfect bound books we use extra glue for more durability. We also have an option to make the children’s books stronger with sewing.

Children’s board books are produced widely in the industry; mainly because they are more durable then the saddle stitch and perfect bound books. If your children’s book has few words and illustrations to get the pint across to our new little learners, the best binding method is board book printing. The little hands of a child sometimes have tribulations turning a thinner paper stock. Using board book printing the thick pages make it easier for turning the pages, along with the tearing issues that can arise. The durability for board books is a hot sale! These types of books are great for children ages new born to age 4.

Board books are produced in many sizes and shapes. Shapes are created using a die-cutting machine, which can have your book stand out from the standard book.

Of course our board book printing and binding services stands out from your normal book binders. What makes us unique, as your board book printer the books will not curl! We have mastered the techniques for your board book to lay flat and not bow after time. Manufacturing board books with a children book printing in Asia vendor, will provide superior cost savings. If our pricing is right we can provide you with samples of our past printed board books.

Children book printing China is who we are and what we are great at doing. Children book printing China is an excellent way to save on costs and never sacrificing quality. PRC representatives will guide you through the wellbeing of your book when producing a children book printing China. We understand the laws and regulations when producing children books in China and Asia. That is why we use soy based inks and specialty aqueous coating for the safety of the children.

Remembering as a child snuggled in your favorite blanket enthralled in that magical story, being a self-publisher children’s books author the yearn to produce your own children’s book story, here are a few considerations for producing the children’s book project:

  • Consider the age group of the audience?
    Picture books with few words, many words or a novel book?
    Illustrations with vibrant colors or delicate imagery?

These thoughts will help on your children’s book printing & binding options. Example: Age groups 5 years of age and under may consider board book binding which offers the aid of turning pages of the little angel hands. Contact PRC Book Printing today to help you as a children’s book publisher to assist with your book idea. Our biggest binding method for children’s books are children’s hardcover book printing & board book printing services.

We are a children book printing in Asia book printer; our turn around via boat shipping is about 9 weeks. Is there a minimum for children’s book printing; yes. We can offer competitive pricing with quantities of 1000 or more. Many of our clients produce several titles which can save costs by making different book sets for re-sale.

The creatively illustrated and formatted children’s soft cover, hard cover, and board books; we bring a wide range of children’s book printing services of picture book printing projects to life.

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