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Children’s book printing is our specialty for large publishing groups and self-publishers. PRC Book Printing offers several binding techniques for kids books.

Reading develops a child’s imagination, so imagine the efforts in designing, marketing, and finding the ideal Children’s Book Printing company.

PRC Book Printing dominates in print quality, four color, and special sized custom children’s book printing projects.


Self-Publishing Children’s Book Authors

Authors who have created a children’s book that they know deserves more attention are encouraged to look into self-publishing with PRC Book Printing Service.

This company has helped countless authors expand their audience by allowing them a non-traditional avenue to publication, and specializes in maintaining the rich color and eye-grabbing illustrations of some of the best and most beloved children’s picture books.

PRC Book Printing Service employs a team of experts devoted to helping the authors of children’s picture books to find their audience and spread their message and work further than any other independent printing source.


When it comes to choosing a company for children’s book printing, it helps to see samples of a company’s previous works.

The appeal of a children’s book relies on the printer’s ability to retain the vivid textures and colors of the illustrations that help to tell the story.

After all, picture books are intended for children who are not yet able to read as well as adults, and photos and color help to keep them engaged with the story.

PRC Book Printing Service has a number of examples up on their site so authors will know exactly the type of service that they’re getting when they trust their printing with them.

Why Print with PRC for picture books

Children’s book printing China or domestically; PRC’s customer service principles are high quality same as our products!

While you’re self-publishing children’s picture books, we will assist with binding options, papers, inks and other details in the quote and the production and the production process.

As your children’s book printer we stand out from our competitors, offering clear communication, detailing your book budget with no hidden costs and personalized attention.

We guide you through the steps to print your own children’s book. There are many types of children’s products we produce.

We produce custom children’s book printing with various bindings for children’s hardcover books, children’s softcover books, board books, flash cards, card games, board games, and much more.

 We are one of the premier children’s picture book printers in China and the USA.  When you work with PRC Book Printing we offer the best of both worlds.

Children’s Book Printing Services in China and USA

Remembering as a child snuggled in your favorite blanket enthralled in that magical story, being a self-publisher children’s books author the yearn to produce your own children’s book story; there are a few considerations when ready to print a children’s book project:

  • Consider the age group of the audience?
  • Picture books with few words, many words or a novel book?
  • Illustrations with vibrant colors or delicate imagery?

Binding a children’s book when the author is making the decision on the age group along with the audience they plan to capture helps determine the edging. Whether toddlers, middle schoolers and teens the binding can be decided how the class will handle the books. PRC will guide you with the best binding for your book project. Binding options for your custom children’s book: case bound, side-sewing, saddle stitch, perfect bound , and board book bound.

A pile of 3 books at PRC Book Printing

Children’s hardcover books

Our children’s hardcover books are made durable for the abuse that is given from the little readers. A standard children’s hardcover book is Smyth sewn and case bound, which provides longevity from the constant turning of pages. Side Sewn is not the typical hardcover binding, this option provides the book to lay flat while reading. You can incorporate to your custom children’s book with a dust jacket, the flaps adds further writing about the book and the author. Children’s hardcover book printing binding features can be furthered view on our hardcover book printing tab. As classy as a photography book think about the cloth cover option.

A pile of 3 books at PRC Book Printing

Children’s softcover books

Children’s softcover books have two options of either Saddle stitch or perfect bound printing. When producing the saddle stitch books, we offer a special lamination which makes the cover of the books lay flat and not curl. Bending is a big concern when producing a children book, which we have perfected in our methods over the years. For children’s books we use extra glue for more durability. We also have an option to make the books stronger with sewing.

A pile of 3 books at PRC Book Printing

Children’s board book printing

Children’s board books are produced widely in the industry; mainly because they are more durable then the saddle stitch and perfect bound books. If your book has few words and illustrations to get the point across to our new little learners, the best binding method is board book printing. The little hands of a child sometimes have tribulations turning a thinner paper stock. Using board book printing the thick pages make it easier for turning the pages, along with the tearing issues that can arise. The durability for board books is a hot sale! These types of books are great for children ages new born to age 4.

Board books are produced in many sizes and shapes. Shapes are created using a die-cutting machine, which can have your book stand out from the standard book.

A pile of 3 books at PRC Book Printing

Producing children’s books

Producing a children book printing China provides, custom book sizes, offers many attention grabbing techniques at low-cost prices. PRC representative will guide you through the wellbeing of your book when producing a children book printing China. The turn-around time to print a children’s book in China is typically 12-13 weeks after proof approval. If seeking a quick timetable we are partners with a USA team offering production schedules estimated 3-5 weeks.

A pile of 3 books at PRC Book Printing

Binding Options

These options will help on your children’s book printing & binding options. Determining the binding of your audience; Age groups 5 years of age and under may consider board book binding which offers the aid of turning pages of the little angel hands. Contact PRC Book Printing today to help you as a self-publishing children’s picture books and assist with your book idea. Our most popular binding method for children’s books are children’s hardcover book printing & board book printing services.

We are a children book printing in Asia book printer; our turn around via boat shipping is about 9 weeks. Is there a minimum for children’s book printing; yes. We can offer competitive pricing with quantities of 1000 or more. Many of our clients produce several titles which can save costs by making different book sets for re-sale.

A pile of 3 books at PRC Book Printing

Printing children’s books

In the past if you were interested to print your own children’s book, you had to shop around with publishers and hope that someone, eventually might not reject you. In this generation self-publishing children’s picture book does take time for marketing, advertising and getting your book in front of readers. Children’s book printing services in China will save you costs that can be added toward your profits.

Children’s Book Printing FAQs

What is the ideal format for children's book printing?

The ideal format for children’s books depends on the type of book (picture book, chapter book, etc.). Common formats include 8.5″x8.5″ and 8.5″x11″. Our team can help you choose the best format for your project.

What types of paper are best for printing children's books?
For children’s books, we recommend high-quality, durable paper that can withstand frequent handling. Options include glossy, matte, and uncoated finishes, depending on the desired look and feel of your book.
Can you print board books for young children?
Yes, we specialize in printing board books, which are ideal for young children. These books are printed on thick, durable cardboard pages that are easy for little hands to turn and can withstand rough handling.
Do you offer illustration and design services for children's books?
Yes, we offer professional illustration and design services to help bring your story to life. Our talented team can assist with everything from concept development to final artwork and layout.
What binding options are available for children's books?
We offer various binding options including perfect binding, saddle stitching, and spiral binding. Board books are typically bound using a special process to ensure durability and safety for young readers.
Can you print books with special features such as pop-ups or flaps?
Yes, we can print children’s books with special features such as pop-ups, flaps, and die-cuts. These elements can make your book more interactive and engaging for young readers.
What is the minimum print run for children's books?
Our minimum print run for children’s books is typically 100 copies. However, we can accommodate smaller or larger print runs depending on your needs. Contact us to discuss your specific project requirements.

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