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Cookbooks are an art form, capturing delicious recipes that represent cultures, people, and memories. PRC Book Printing is the leading cookbook publisher in the United States. Choose us for unbeatable quality, affordability, and support. Submit your order with us today

Today, PRC Book Printing supports authors and chefs interested in publishing their recipes in a professional manner. Our cookbooks are versatile; we work with you to design cookbooks that represent your culinary tastes.

Special Binding Options For Cookbook Printing

Cookbook printing is not just a book with pictures and words. A cookbook holds ingredients that you create to feed the mouth and soul. When an author / chef produces a cookbook, it is an ability to share their knowledge and expertise through the love of food. Producing a cookbook is not just ink on paper, but a legacy that will be passed on forever. PRC Book Printing Service understands the love and passion an author / chef’s time and energy creating the cookbook, which is why we are here to bring your master piece of delight to existence.

Cookbook Printing is a specialty for the reason it has to last through the kitchen woos. When it comes to producing a cookbook there are many options a HardCover cookbook, Soft Cover cookbook, Wire-O cookbook, Coil Bound cookbook and the best one in our opinion is Comb Binding cookbook.

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The Hard cover cookbook is great for a few reasons. It displays your recipe in a bold and sturdy look and it can display as a coffee table book. This exhibit can be a conversation piece reviewing the recipes and pictures that make the stomached grumble.

Additional Cookbook Binding Methods

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Most popular types of binding for cookbook printing is binding that makes the book lay flat on the counter while reading a recipe. These types are wire-o bound, coil bound and comb bound. These types of bindings have thicker covers and most of the time thicker text pages than a soft cover book. Since these pages are inserted into the binding, the pages can be laminated to prevent page damage from occasional drips or spills. Another cool aspect for this type of binding, you can choose a variety of colors for the comb binding method and silk screen the title and or authors name directly on the spine. Perfect when placed on a shelf with other cookbooks.

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Cookbook printing services in China can help lower costs for high volume demand for different types of cookbooks. The educational aspect for culinary instructors, even though a cookbook is needed, the future chefs in the world need a tool to learn, measuring, slicing and dicing, carving… Not only look at cookbook printing just as a recipe tool, contact us for a hard cover cookbook quote, but tweak it to educational culinary text books, also.

There are over 570 culinary schools in the USA, which we can save these school providers 20-30% by printing their cookbooks in China with PRC Book Printing! Also, a cookbook can be tied into a nutritional instrument of educating. Great options for producing educational books as hard cover, soft cover and spiral bound learning book sources.

Create a Stunning Cookbook

Cooking recipes have been handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. America’s first cookbook was published in 1796 by Amelia Simmons. Recipes included stuffed goose and roast lamb; in the years since, thousands of cookbooks have been published with all manner of tasty recipes.

Now is the best time to publish a cookbook, with sales higher during this time of global pandemic. Studies show that cookbook sales in the United States grew by 145% year on year in 2020. If you are interested in publishing your recipes, PRC Book Printing is your No. 1 choice.

PRC Book Printing is appreciative to all the time and efforts an author / chef spends cooking and creating the cookbooks. The PRC Book Printing families are chefs and or have produced a cookbook through our printing services; so we can relate to the fullest. Contact us so we can help bring your recipes to life through great quality cookbook printing China.

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