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PRC Book Printing is an established print business with over 14 years of experience in book printing. We are the regional sales office for one of the largest Offset book manufacturers in the United States. We also have an option of printing services in China for oversized books and children’s board books. Whether you’re looking for a quicker turnaround with unmatched quality and at an affordable price in the US or seeking specialty book projects printing overseas, contact us today. Our proficiency has eased clients throughout the years. Handling their book printing projects through the years. We assure the books our customers receive are of the best quality and offer professional customer services.

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PRC provides the best of both PRINT WORLDS and provides transparent information which print facility will be suitable for your book project. Our customer service excels over our competitors ensuring your representative will see the job through, from quoting to the delivery of your books.

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Our facilities provide customization of books, extending to diverse book sizes, paper textures and weights. Offering many coating options to provide an exclusive quality book. Our Team has been in the printing and publishing industry of over 20 years; knowing the actual book construction is an important detail understanding the end product is worth the dollars being paid.

Family history of manufacturing products in the US and overseas dating back to the early 60’s led to the development of PRC Book Printing. The owner continues on the family passion of manufacturing products into the 21st Century. Years of traveling around the US and China to find the best book manufactures, was the utmost importance in starting the print business. Especially book printing in China he needed to find a book printer that provides the “American Standard”, assuring great quality, affordable pricing, clean environments for the product being produced, but most importantly exceptional products like our US plant. After years of hard work, we established great trustworthy partnerships to present a work of art to our customers.
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