Family history importing products from China started back in the early 70’s, the owner of PRC Book Printing continues on the generations importing products into the 21st Century.  The years of traveling back and forth to find the right printer with US standards for quality assurance, clean environment for the workers, along with the equipment took some time.  PRC is partnered with a trustworthy China team, which ensures you will receive a great product at an affordable cost.  Finding an overseas vendor can be daunting with communication issues, along with the “Trust” factor of what you will get for your dollar.  We established this partnership providing our clients with value.

PRC Book Printing is an established print business for over 13 years as the Sales Headquarters for our China print facility.  Our experience has eased our client’s with moving their book projects overseas assuring they will receive a quality book from across the world.

In the past years, due to the turn-around time shipping from China, we referred our clients to local printers.  With this in mind, we researched several US print companies and now have partnered with one of the largest book manufacturers in the United States offering quality production at affordable rates for Self-Publishers and commercial publishing.

PRC offers the best of both PRINT WORLDS and provides transparent information which print facility will be suitable for your project.  Our customer service excels over our competitors ensuring your representative will see the job through, from quoting to the delivery of your books.  Our facility provides customization of books, extending to divers book sizes, paper textures and weights, many coating options to provide you with an exclusive quality book.  Knowing the actual book construction is an important detail to understanding the end product is worth the dollars being paid.

Majority of the PRC Representatives have been in the printing and publishing industry for over 20 years.  The Reps will share their book printing knowledge to provide you with a great product.  The associates will be your partner through the entire printing experience.

Please reach out to a Representative today via telephone 888.659.8320 or email to partner with you today!