Self- Publishing Book Printer

Self-Publishing book printerThere is an increasing amount of authors that write and distribute their books without a publisher. Whether you’re writing fiction, non-fiction, children’s stories, or research education materials, you can quickly and affordably utilize our self-publishing book printer services to handle your needs.

As your self-publishing book printer with our  advanced capabilities and we can print in the size and style that you desire. We all have a vision when we are publishing a book, and whether you’d like a spiral bound, hardcover, text or picture heavy, our solutions will exceed your expectations.

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Not just for authors, our self-publishing book printer services are used by businesses, nonprofits, and artists who wish to showcase their work using professional bindery and durable construction. We’ll work with you from start to finish, including the design phase, color scheme, and size of each page. We take pride in our communication and state-of-the-art equipment that minimizes the cost of your production.

What you will experience with PRC

You can trust our process and materials to create a long-lasting and environmentally responsible book. When you design your book, you have the flexibility to make your visualization become an actuality. We want to learn about the design you have pictured, which we will intern work to incorporate your vision with our abilities regarding equipment and software.

As a self-published author, having a hard copy of your work that is printed at an affordable rate builds your self-esteem and gives you a sense of pride. We are grateful to be working for you, and personalize each project to bring out your individual personality.

Self-Publishing book printer TIP – be sure to purchase your unique ISBN number, which is a 13-digit number that ensures your book is identified throughout the world. This identification number also assists with distributors, libraries and other bookseller facilities for disbursement. If a Self-Publishing book printer assigns you an ISBN number, be wary, they may list themselves as the publisher of your book and you as the self-publisher authentic rights may be lost. You can purchase an ISBN number at – Bowker Identifier Services. Please do not hesitate to call us regarding further information or assistance on how we can help to save on costs.

Cost Savings

When you’re printing in medium to large quantities, you will see tremendous savings on your book printing offshore. We have an extensive network of partners overseas that specialize in the style of book you’re looking to design. Every project is treated with the same level of commitment, and you’ll hold a finished copy complete with the quality materials that provide a durable copy.

Our innovative equipment will finalize your production promptly. You will be able to see proofs before completion so you can be sure they meet your goals, and expect delivery from our overseas partners within 11-12 weeks. Please note some book sizes and quantities are subject to quoting with our American printing partner. Receive the product which you paid and experience the service you need. Contact PRC to see how our self-publishing book printer platform can create a unique and one-of-a-kind design.

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