Soft Cover Book Binding

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Soft Cover Book Binding

Soft Cover Book Binding there are a few basic options: Perfect Binding or Saddle Stitching.

Perfect bound can either be signature sewn, signature sewn and glued or just glued to the spine.

There are a variety of bind styles used to manufacture paperback books.  Some of the most common include perfect bound and notch bound.  Perfect bound books are made by grinding about one eighth of an inch off the spine of a book and then attaching a paper cover with adhesive.  This makes a smooth flat surface for the glue to adhere to.

Notch bound books have notches cut out of the spine instead of grinding a section off.  This creates many crevices for glue to sink into and makes the finished book more durable.  Perfect and notch bound books are the most economical way for content creators to have books made.

Saddle stitch binding is to bind by stapling sheets together where type fold at the spine, as compared to side stitch. Other terminology also called pamphlet stitch, saddle wire and stitch bind.  This method is preferred for products less than ninety-six pages, depending on the paper weight.

Side stitch is bound by stapling through sheets along, one edge as compared to saddle stitch, also called cleat stitch and side wire….

When book printing in china, PRC Book Printing is here to guide you through these terminologies to bind your art, words and message securely. Using these type of binding methods are great for children book printing (we are producing a series of titles, children saddle stitch books now), manuals, references, calendars, trade paper backs, cookbook printing, catalogs and magazines.

(Please note, there are other options for soft cover book binding such as wire-o, coil, and comb binding which we will talk about in a later blog..)

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