Hardcover vs Board Book: Which Should
You Choose?

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Every self-proclaimed bookworm has had the age-old debate: paperback or hardcover?

This small distinction between reading material preferences has divided readers for years, and in recent years, other strong contenders have entered the ring.

Between eBooks, audiobooks, and the traditional physical copy, there’s a book for every type of reader.

But what about emerging readers? 

Gifting a child their first book is a special moment, but you likely aren’t handing over a copy of Moby Dick.

While hardcover books may seem like the most durable option for your kid-friendly book, choosing between hardcover vs. board book may be a decision you never knew you would have to make. 

What’s the difference? Read on to find out about what separates hardcover and board books and which is better suited for your book-printing project!

1. The Hardcover

A hardcover book is one that most people are more familiar with. It lives up to its name, as a book with a hard cover to protect its inside pages.

However, the pages on the inside of the cover are traditional paper pages and can be easily torn.

While hardcover books may be a popular and durable option for adult readers, they aren’t always the right choice for infants.

2. The Board Book

You may think you’ve never heard of a board book before, but I guarantee you that you’ve seen or held one.

Board books also have a hardcover, but their inside pages are equally sturdy. Each page of the book is usually a page of thicker cardboard material. 

This not only protects the pages from tears and creases but also makes the pages easier to turn.

Because of how thick board books would be, they are generally used for children’s picture books. Board books may possess other characteristics that make them kid-friendly, like being light and easy to hold or having rounded edges.

3. Hardcover vs. Board book

If, after reading both of those descriptions, you’re still not sure which type you’d like to print, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who do I want to read my book? If the answer is young children, a board book may be more appropriate.
  • How long is my book? Books with a lot of pages may not be as conducive to a board book format.
  • How much do I want to spend on printing my book? 
  • In most cases, hardcover book printing is less costly.

It’s All in the Details

Between writing the words, adding illustrations, and deciding on a cover, the actual construction of your book might be the last detail that you’ve considered.

But, making sure that your book is beautifully made will ensure that your hard work outlasts you.

With our numerous printing options and years of printing experience, we’re here to help you build the book project of your dreams.

Contact us today for a quote or to talk through hardcover vs. board book printing options!


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