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PRC Book Printing is an offset printing company producing high quality books in China and in the USA. We set the standard against which other overseas and US offset book printers measure quality. Offset printing is the best way to produce high quantity books. That’s why PRC Book Printing is an ideal offset book printing partner for self-publishers, publishing companies, authors, advertising agencies, print brokers, product manufacturers and especially those in need of offset book printing products.

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History of Offset Printing

Around the world offset printing is the standard for commercial printing since the 20th century. Offset book printers use this technique for mass print production for all types of business’. Offset lithography printing is now renamed as offset printing to shorten the litho. In the 21st century equipment like a Heidelberg press enables cost effective printing, faster turnaround times, improved quality and reliability of the print quality. As one of the leading offset book printers in the US and China, we strive to use our latest equipment to the fullest capabilities and deliver better products at affordable offset printing prices.
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Offset Printing Options:

There are two offset printing options, Sheet-fed printing and web printing.

Offset Sheet-fed Printing:

Sheet-fed Printing is ideal for high quality books for print runs between 250 to 20,000 copies. Sheet-fed printing is very flexible when it comes to paper weights, colors and sizes. The name “Sheet-fed” describes the method. The press is fed Sheets of paper through the press to print on one side then the pressman flips the sheets over to print on the other side. When it comes to Offset Sheet-fed printing it does bring a higher set up cost, but in return the more you produce the lower the per-unit cost becomes. That’s why it’s best to produce run mentioned above and not great producing 1 book or 50 books.
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Offset Web Printing:

Web printing prints very fast and is mainly for very large runs starting anywhere from 10,000 or 20,000 copies depending on the size of the web press. The flexibility printing with a web press, is limited to what size book and paper weights can be used. Offset Web printing paper comes in a continues large roll. By having the paper on a roll it allows for the increase of speed and run many more pages over sheet-fed printing. Most common printing project that use web presses are newspapers, magazines and catalogs. The one good thing when produce web is typically has a very low per-unit cost. The downsides high quantity minimums and very high set up cost.
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Offset Book Printing Signatures:

Important notes about the offset book printing, the book is printed in signatures. Depending on the size of your book, can range from groups of 4,8,12,16,24,32 or 64 page signatures. The pricing goes down if the book page count equals even signatures. Example if producing a book with 32 interior pages, size 8″x10″, you can create two even signatures of 16 pages. A plate is made of each signature where the ink transfers to the paper. See our Blog. Regardless of the type of offset book print project you have in mind, we urge you to get in touch with us to see if we can help with your offset printing services needs. If you have any questions about your offset book printing project. Our team of printing professionals are here to share their knowledge and assist you with affordable offset printing. You can reach us by filling out the quote form, contact us directly.

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