Offset Book Printing

Offset Book Printing in China
offset book printingPRC Book Printing is an industry leader in commercial offset book printing and exact match color reproduction. We set the standard against which other overseas hardcover books, soft cover books, children books, board books, cook books, coffee table books and calendars printers are measured. PRC offers environmentally responsible commercial printing solutions, including FSC-certified and FSC-certified recycled papers, and soy-based inks for those kid friendly books. With every job that comes through PRC Book Printing are the traditional paper proofs (from High Rez Epson proofs to Low Rez (ozalids depending on the job), which is FedEx’d out of our offshore book printing factory within days of receiving the art files.

Too often with companies or independent authors who use overseas/offshore book printing China partners, there are critical breakdowns in communication that prove frustrating—and costly—to both the vendor and customer. Our clients tell us that our ability to communicate clearly from start to finish is one of the qualities they value most in doing offshore printing business with us.

That’s why PRC Book Printing is an ideal printing offshore book printing partner for publishing companies, authors, advertising agencies, print brokers, product manufacturers and especially those in need of offset book printing products. Our client base ranges from high volume book publishers to our self-publishing community.

Our diverse offshore binding capabilities range from the basic adhesive-bound books to deluxe leather bound editions, providing a “finishing touch” to the manufacturing process.

We produce a wide range of offset book printing & products: hard cover book printing, soft cover book printing, coffee table, catalogs, directories, magazines, children book printing, board booksboard games, flash cards and many different kinds of promotional items using our offshore book printing or offset printing services.

  • HardCover Book Printing or Case Bound Book Printing – from text-heavy novels, to creatively illustrated and formatted children’s books, cook books with pictures that make you want to eat right off the pages, to coffee table books with rich photo book on printed beautiful stock, various dimension and thickness with various dimension and thickness with a variety of cover options: cloth, leatherette, fabric or laminated paper. Overseas hardcover book printing with our expert pressmen, is the best printing offshore facility to printing these style of books. You will see the best quality and tremendous savings over any other country.
  • Perfect Bound Book Printing–affordable and attractive binding wrap abound soft cover provides longevity! Our print catalogs, cook books, directory and magazine books showcase high-end products and ads with sophisticated design and production, or they can promote massive selection of items in a more  cost-effective “traditional” format.
  • Children’s Book Printing – our specialty… Illustration and educational soft cover books, classic overseas hardcover books, boardbooks are a few options. We produce all different sizes, shapes and styles. We help bring words on paper to life with pop-up books, DVD & CD inserts, pull-out posters and even stickers. We offer information for the US imports regarding CPSA and leading requirements.
  • Calendars – relied on by millions of people; calendars are inter-knit part to manage their lives at home and at work. PRC Printing produces wall calendars, desk calendars, engagement books, large-format pieces with rich photograph, monthly and daily varieties, large office desktop pads, organizers inserts, the standard is saddle stitch with one drill hole and many other styles and formats.


  • Saddle Stitch Book Printing– perfect for booklets, low page count children’s books, magazines and brochures.With our long history with our factory and new and updated equipment, we are able to produce great quality but more important flat books.
  • Wire-O & Coil Books – great for presentations and conference meetings, the technique of inserting wire/coil through holes drilled through the binding edge of the book, which this method is very strong and it is great for projects that need to lay flat and stay flat. Both wire/ coil comes in many different colors.
  • Comb Binding – using this binding process lets your book lay flat and make note you can print on the spine.  Great for a COOK BOOK!

Important notes about the commercial offset book printing method, the book is printed in signatures. Depending on the size of your book, can range from groups of 4,8,12,16,24,32 or 64 signatures. Your pricing goes down if your page count equals even signatures. Example if producing a children’s hard cover book of 32 interior pages, size 8″x10″, you can create two even signatures of 16 pages. A plate is made of each signature where the ink transfers to the paper. After this offset printing process, it is moved to the bindery, where the pages are trimmed,folded and bound together to create your overseas hardcover or coffee table book. Printing offshore Commercial Offset book printing is an efficient process for larger book runs (Sheet Fed Printing or Web Printing). Smaller book runs are best using digital printing (quantity less than 500 books, depending on the size and page count of the book).

Regardless of the type of offset book print project you have in mind, we urge you to get in touch with us to see if we can help. We’re happy to consider any project, and to share our input and expertise relative to your idea. Ultimately, our promise doesn’t change: we’re devoted to delivering exceptional offset book printing quality at extremely competitive prices, with steady communication and reliable project management that ensures your printing offshore project is completed on time, meeting your complete satisfaction.

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