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Binding options hardcover
February 14, 2020

Book Binding Options 

Considering the binding of your book?  The decision making is on the type of book you are production.  There are several binding methods to consider.

Case binding

hardcover book printing binding option

Case binding/ hardcover book process is used for Novel, photography, art, children’s books, educational, coffee table books and many more classes.  Case bound is paper/cloth wrapped around a board.  The interior book block can produce as Smyth sewn or glued. Once the block is complete it is gathered and glued to the spine of the book.


Perfect binding

perfect binding

This technique of binding can be used for novel books, children’s books…same as the case bound styles. The cover is a thicker cover stock or the same paper weight as the interior.  The signatures are gathered and glued to the spine.  Usually, minimum interior page count is 48 pages, depending on the paper thickness.

Signature Sewn perfect binding

The signature sewn and perfect is an option offering longevity for the book that is used frequently for continued referencing.

Saddle Stitch

Saddle stitch book binding is compatible for magazines, comic books, with lower interior page counts.  Also, saddle stitching is great for children’s books to provide a lay flat display. The page count for saddle stitched booklets range from 8 pages-16 pages-24 pages to 48 interior page counts.  The page counts can vary depending on the interior paper weights.

At PRC Book Printing our knowledgeable representatives will guide you through the binding options, which will fit your book project.  Call us today 888-659-8320 or email at

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