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Hardcover Book Printing Services in Georgia

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Finding a printer for your hardback book doesn’t have to be a hassle. PRC Book Printing has all the resources that a first-time author needs to publish their first book. Our experienced publishing specialists will make your experience smooth. Whether you need the someone to walk you through the entire process or you have prepared everything yourself and are ready to go to print, PRC has everything necessary for a successful publishing experience.

With PRC Book Printing’s services, you can get high-quality, full-color prints for your book fast, without breaking the bank. We understand that not all books are the same, so we offer different printing services to fit your needs.

Looking for a printer that can handle your hardback book printing needs, look no further than PRC Book Printing. Check out our customer reviews to see what others say about our services.

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What to Know About Hardcover Book Printing in GA

Hardcover Book Printing Services in Georgia

Hardcover book printing is the process of printing a book with a hardcover binding. This type of binding is more durable than a paperback, making it ideal for high-quality books that read often or handled frequently.

We have years of experience printing all types of hardcover books, so we know what options work best. You will find that hardcover books are available in many sizes, from small pocket-sized books to large coffee table books. With additional options like perfect bound, casebound, or sewn and glued, and a wide range of paper stocks and cover materials, when you order your book from PRC Book Printing, we can help you choose the right printing and binding options for your project. 

Choose from stunning hardcover editions, including hardcover with dust jacket or hardcover with printed case. Whatever options you pick, creating and printing your book is easy with PRC Book Printing services in Georgia.

PRC has produced millions of high quality hardcover books.

PRC Book Printing is Your Best Choice for Hardcover Book Printing in Georgia

Whether you’re in the Atlanta area, Augusta, Savannah, or anywhere in Georgia, there are several advantages to choosing PRC for hardback book printing in Georgia for your next project.

Book printing can be a complicated business. That’s why we’re dedicated to making your journey from writer to author as easy as possible. We provide everything you need to make the printed book of your dreams:

  • Amazing customer service from self-publishing experts…we actually answer your emails and phone calls!
  • High-quality, full-color in-house book printing on a wide range of paper stocks and cover materials, done in just days.
  • Expert cover design, file conversion, and book formatting ensures your book will be enjoyed for many years.

The Difference Between Hardcover and Softcover Book Printing

Researching paperback vs. hardcover preferences can leave you cross-eyed and dazed. Hardback book printing prints books with a hardcover binding, while softcover book printing is the process of printing a book with a softcover binding.

Hardcovers do cost more to publish than paperback books because of the cost of materials. But cost should not be the only guiding factor when deciding which cover option to choose for your book. There are other reasons why someone might have a preference when purchasing a book, so if you are considering the hardcover vs. paperback options, it may all come down to these factors:

Hard Cover Books

  • Hardcover books just feel more substantial, like they are more valuable
  • Hardcover books are more durable
  • Your personal library consists of hardcover books, so you seek those out
  • A hardcover book seems more legit, more authoritative

Soft Cover Books

  • A paperback book is easier to tote around
  • In most cases a paperback book is less expensive, so people can buy two of them for the price of one hardcover book 
  • A paperback book feels more intimate –– you can snuggle up with one
  • Because paperback books are smaller and thinner, you can fit more books in your bookcase

If you are unsure which type of binding is right for your book, our expert team can help you decide. We have more than 20 years of experience printing all kinds of books and know which type of binding will work best for your project.

Hardcover Book Printing Services in Georgia

The Process of Hardcover Book Printing if you live in GA

Hardcover book printing is a multi-step process that includes the following steps:

  • Designing the Cover: The first step in hardback book printing is to design the cover. This step involves creating a layout for the cover and choosing the colors, images, and fonts.
  • Printing the Cover: A machine prints the final design on heavy-duty cover stock. This type of paper is much thicker and more durable than the paper used for the book’s interior pages.
  • Printing the Interior Pages: The next step is to print the internal pages of the book. This print can work well on various paper stocks, depending on the book you are printing.
  • Binding the Cover and Pages: The last step is binding. Binding works best by gluing the cover to the book’s spine and then attaching the pages to the cover. Once binding is complete, your book is ready for shipping worldwide!

Hardcover book printing is a complex process, but our team at PRC Book Printing in Georgia has years of experience, and we are here to help you every step of the way to make hardcover book printing easy.

How to Choose the Right Book Printing Service if live in Georgia

When you’re ready to print your book, the first step is to choose a printing service that meets your needs. The important things to think about are how well your prospective printer will be able to handle your queries and how well they will be able to produce the finished book according to the specifications you give them. 

The world of book printing is also fast-changing, so check how long your printer has been operating and make sure they have a good reputation for delivery and quality. Other things to pay attention to when making your decision.

Print Quality

Make sure you choose a printing service that can provide high-quality prints. The last thing you want is your book to look like it was printed it on a home printer.

Print Cost

Printing services can vary significantly in price. It’s essential to find a company that offers competitive prices without sacrificing quality. Get quotes from different printers to find the best price for your project.

Start Printing Your Books with PRC Book Printing

Now that you know what to look for in a printing service reach out to us today! PRC Book Printing is a leading provider of book printing services in Georgia and the U.S, making us a great option if you are looking for high-quality prints.

Our team of experts is here to help you through every step of the printing process, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are always happy to help.

Learn more about our team or get a quote for your hardback book printing and see why we are a leader in hardback book printing for clients in Georgia. Contact us today at 888-659-8320 or fill out our online form. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and get your project started!

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