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Hardcover Book Printing Services in Idaho

PRC Book Printing stands as your prime choice for top-notch hardcover book printing services in Idaho. Leveraging my expertise in the field of printing books, I’m pleased to present our specialized services for crafting custom hardcover books, meticulously designed to cater to your individual requirements.

Rest assured, with PRC Book Printing, your anticipations will be surpassed in the realm of dependable hardcover book printing. Drawing upon a wealth of 20 years of experience, we shine in the creation of premium short-run and long-run hardcover books for our esteemed clientele.

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What to Know About Hardcover Book Printing in Idaho


The realm of hardcover book printing, known by various terms such as hardback, hard case, or hardbound, stands as the epitome of professional bookbinding, now in Idaho. This sophisticated printing approach showcases a book’s resilience through its robust board cover material, ensuring both longevity and a refined aesthetic.

Embracing the technique of case binding, the crafting of hardcover books in Idaho encompasses the steps of precision page trimming, meticulous assembly and adhesive binding, all cocooned within a sturdy cardboard enclosure. Such an artful book cover style finds its excellence in projects like coffee table books, cookbooks, children’s literature, and an array of premium-grade publications. Opting for the offerings of hardcover book printing services in Idaho invariably leads to the creation of books of superior quality.

PRC has produced millions of high quality hardcover books.

The PRC Benefits of Hardcover Book Printing for our Idaho Customers

For those seeking hardcover book printing excellence in Idaho, a seamless and budget-friendly answer awaits, ensuring a resilient and unparalleled professional demeanor.

To uncover the benefits of partnering with PRC Book Printing in Idaho, delve into our dedicated page for Hardcover Book Printing Services, where a wealth of comprehensive information awaits. Alternatively, reach out to us directly to delve deeper into the realm of our tailor-made solutions for custom hardcover book printing.

The PRC Hardcover Book Printing Process

No requirement to possess expertise or undertake the entire endeavor independently – whether you’re a fervent lover of literature, constructing a concise narrative, a compilation of verses, or even fashioning the next masterpiece of American literature, PRC Book Printing stands ready to provide unwavering support along your self-publishing expedition.

For our valued patrons in Idaho, the timeline for hardcover book printing typically spans from 5 to 8 weeks.

Initiating the process entails transmitting your meticulously prepared PDF files to our care. Upon their arrival, we initiate pre-flight procedures and meticulous proofing.

Subsequent to this, a proof of your book is meticulously crafted, affording you the opportunity to preview the hues on paper. Upon securing your endorsement of the final proof, the actual book undergoes the printing phase!

As the process advances, encompassing the printing of all internal pages and covers or even the incorporation of cloth wrapping, we expertly bind the internal pages while seamlessly affixing the endpapers to the cover.

Ultimately, the finished masterpiece is attentively packaged and directly dispatched to your location, completing the journey of meticulous craftsmanship to your hands!


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