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We help indie authors print their work with our affordable, fast self-published book printing services. We do both hardcovers and softcovers.

Get a Better Quality Printing Service

Indie authors face many challenges when publishing and selling their work, especially when creating a hardcover copy. Many choose to publish through Kindle Direct Publishing, and while that is an excellent resource for self-published authors, it does not allow them to print hardcover copies of their work.

We have the experience and dedication needed to fill that need for self-published authors. Creating a stunning high-quality hardcover copy of your book sets you apart from the millions of self-published authors who exclusively publish through KDP.

Stunning Hardcover Books for Self-Published Authors

Stand out from the self-publishing crowd with our beautiful hardcover printing services. Your high-quality books will be a hit at book signings and vendor events and make the perfect gift. We also offer softcover book printing services. No matter what your self-publishing service needs are, we can help. We use high-quality, sustainably sourced materials to produce all of our books.
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Affordable Pricing

You worked hard on your self-published book, and you deserve a substantial profit margin. That is why we are committed to providing you with the best price and low minimum orders for your book.

We Are Not a Vanity Publisher

Many authors are concerned about being taken advantage of by vanity publishers, but that is not what we do. We don’t promise to edit or market your book, and there are no hidden fees. We are a book printing service, period. The only thing we ask you to pay for is the cost of your books.

How a Self-Published Book Printing Service Works

Step 1: Get Your Own ISBN Number

This is an essential step. When you publish on KDP and use an ISBN that they provide, you are limited to where you can sell your book. When you use your own ISBN number, you can sell it anywhere you want.

Step 2: Choose Your Binding

Once you have an ISBN and a properly formatted book, your work is all ready for us. Choose the size, binding, and quantity you need.

Step 3: Sell Your Book

Marketing is an important part of the self-publishing process, but our mission is to give you a high-quality book that practically sells itself. We are looking forward to helping you hit all of the best sellers’ lists.
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Why Choose PRC Book Printing?

Many people in the indie author community will tell you to publish through KDP. But the truth is, you don’t want to do what everyone else is doing, and you certainly don’t need to publish on KDP to sell your book on Amazon or see your work in the Kindle store. As long as you have your own ISBN, you are free to sell your book anywhere and print as many hard copies as you need.

At PRC Book Printing, we provide self-published authors the experience and dedication they need to stand out from the indie crowd with both stunning hardcover and softcover books.

How Much Does Self-Published Book Printing Cost?

Costs depend on quantity ordered, binding type, and turnaround time. Contact us to learn more about how affordable our self-publishing services can be.

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Check out all of our options for softcover and hardcover book printing services. We love working with self-published authors and are here to answer any questions. Contact us to get a quote today.

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