3 Ways to Unlock a New Audience for Your Novel

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Self-Publishing New Audience for your next novel

So, you’ve written your first novel, finalized your draft, and gotten it published. Congratulations! Now, you’ll want to spread your story to as many readers as possible. After your initial audience begins to level off, how can a new author find new readers to enjoy their creative efforts?

Read on to learn three of the best ways from our experts at PRC Book Printing Service, a leading self-publishing book printer, to engage a new audience for your novel and welcome new fans into your fold!

Use online forums.

The internet has become a powerful tool for authors to engage new audiences and interact with fans. Visiting online forums like Reddit’s r/books and BookTalk.org is a great way to identify possible sources for new reader bases. However, be careful to avoid writing too many posts advertising your work. Users may flag you as a spammer, and may have your posting privileges limited or revoked.

Approach an influencer.

The world of social media is full of “influencers,” or popular community members whose opinions are considered to be valuable to their followings. Approaching book bloggers and vloggers is a great way to potentially expose your writing to a huge audience should the influencer enjoy your work. Do your research, and approach influencers who cover your genre of novel, and make sure to open with a personal letter. No one wants to feel like just another name on a PR list!

Engage social media.

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were practically created to help authors engage with their fans. An engaged author who takes the time to respond to questions, comments, and criticism personally will attract more users to their profile, many of whom will be interested to see what all the buzz is about!

Expanding your influence as an author is all about knowing where to find new readers. A print version of your novel will help you in sales and in attracting and engaging new fans. Are you still searching for the right printing service? Give PRC Book Printing a call today at 888-659-8320 to learn more about affordable book printing services today!

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