Choosing the right paper stock for 4 color printing

paper stock 4 color printing

Hardcover and Softcover paper stocks 

When it comes to choosing the right paper stock for your 4 color hard cover book or soft cover book there are many different options.

Let’s start with if your book is going to be 4 color children’s books, coffee table books, cook books, graphic novels, magazines, and etc throughout. Printing a book that has full color throughout we recommend printing with a coated stock like Matte or glossy finish.

This kind of stock is great for 4 color because the ink will lay very nicely on top of the paper and not seep into the paper.  Since the paper is smooth and not grainy like an uncoated stock the image will be much sharper.

When it comes to print 4 color on an uncoated stock the paper is not smooth but porous which the ink will absorbed into the paper not making the image bright and clear.

Not saying you can’t print 4 color on an uncoated stock, you can, but it just won’t be as crisp as a coated stock. I’ll give you an example; have you ever printed a photo graph or a picture on a sheet of copy paper?

Well, when you do it’s a little dull and faded. If you printed the same photo graph or picture on special photo paper (which is glossy) the picture looks rich and vibrant in color.

Do you remember the times when we had to get your file developed from a 35mm camera in order to see what pictures we took (not digital cameras)?  After they developed the roll you would get back 24 pictures on a 4” x 6” glossy or shine stock paper. The pictures looked great and jumped off the paper.

That is the same concept when printing a 4 color hard or soft cover books. You want the paper to have some kind of finished like Matte or Glossy. This will enhance your images and show the full potential of our colors.

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