Custom Book Printing: How Much Does It Cost to Print a Book?

custom book printing

Cost to print a custom book

If you’re interested in finding out how much it costs to print a book, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at what you should know about custom book printing!

Even in this age of visual information, people still love to read. The average American reads 12 books a year, even amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As a result, writers are always in demand to elucidate our world.

Previously, writers had to query agents and try to sell their books to big-name publishers. Then, writers could pitch to smaller, independent publishers. Nowadays, if a writer so pleases, they can self-publish a book, do all the advertising themselves, and thrive; just look at all of the success stories!

There are many custom book printing options out there that will help you print a book and achieve the indie success story of your dreams. But how much does it cost to print a book?

If you’ve found yourself asking this question, you’ve come to the right article. So keep reading for a helpful guide on how much it costs to have your book printed.


Perhaps the biggest factor that influences the cost of your self-printed book is the binding of the book. Depending on how you want your book bound, you’re going to get vastly different prices.


If you’re publishing some kind of fantasy or sci-fi book, you might want to go with a paperback. They’re generally cheaper and have a familiar feel to readers of these genres.

Generally, a standard-sized paperback of 200 pages will cost you just over nine dollars. Order a hundred of these, and you’re looking at something in the 1,000 dollar range.


Custom hardcover book printing will lend your book some sort of authority. We recommend hardcover for any philosophical, psychological, or business-related books.

They will cost you a bit; however, generally, a hardcover book of 200 pages will cost around 15 dollars. The price will vary if you’re looking to print in cloth and if you want a dust jacket.


If you’re looking to publish a cookbook or another sort of instruction book, you’re going to want your book to be spiral bound. This will ensure that people are able to carry the book around and read the recipe under any circumstance.

A spiral-bound book of 100 pages can cost you around 15 dollars. However, if you’re looking to publish a bigger cookbook with pictures and color, it might cost you more.

Other Factors

Other factors that can affect the cost of your book are the number of pages, the number of books you’re buying, and the size of your books. For example, if you’re looking to self-publishera collection of poetry, perhaps you can print a pocket-sized book that people can carry around with them. A larger book will require more fees when it comes to custom children’s book printing.

Go With Custom Book Printing

After you’ve written and edited your book, the next step to achieving the success of your dreams is to find a good, reliable, custom book printing service. After that, you can start marketing your books and getting them into people’s hands.

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