Has the book changed over the centuries?

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Book Styles Through Generations

Hair styles changed through the generations, in the 60’s it was a bouffant or beehive which was high off your head, 70’s hair styles consisted of the feather look, the 80’s it was the groovy high hair but messy, looked like it was never brushed!!  Do book styles ever change with trend?

Of course the images on covers and interiors of books change throughout the generations.

The 1950’s the children book Dr. Seuss’ famous book “The Cat In the Hat” came about, the 60’s the great novel “The Outsiders” by author S.E. Hinton,  Seventies books had images of psycho delicate images, bell bottoms, the hot corvette car, a published book that was a high light “Salem’s Lot” by Stephen King.  The 80’s top book was “This Boy’s Life” by Tobias Wolff.  Of course; these books are hits in the opinion of their own.

How drastic did book binding change through generations furthermore centuries!   Early and medieval codices hard cover books were bound with flat spines, printing was hand written on parchment paper and sewn with strong cords.  It wasn’t until the 15th Century books had rounded spines associated with hard cover binding today. In the 19th Century the soft cover books came about, which the book block was glued to the spine.

What binding styles is the new trend?  There are so many book binding styles to choose from since the earlier centuries.  There is the classic hard cover book binding which consists of the paper wrapped over a board, glued with end papers, book block can be glued and sewn together. This book type of quality is functional for children’s books, photography books, cook book and art books.

Another nifty binding method which works well for black and white novels is the perfect bound book. Binding of a perfect bound book the book block is glued to the spine, which is cost effective binding for novel type books.

There’s the classic comb binding, spiral binding and wire-o binding for the cookbooks, manuals that need to stay flat when viewing. Furthermore, new techniques were developed like embossing & debossing, foil stamping with many different colors, different types of coatings like glitter lamination, UV coating, part scent like a scratch and sniff spots that actually smells like a chocolate or whatever. Then there is screen printing, screening UV & glitter UV, screening wrinkling, flocking, press grain, heat-seal paper stamping on leather, tracing paper, 2D & 3D printing and the list goes on and on.

So it seems as the hair trends, styles change through eras, book binding and printing seem to stay the same beside the improvement of techniques and paper options. However now the digital age is here there are those darn e-books.

PRC Book Printing is here to keep up with the trends and perhaps create new ones. Contact us for a quote 1-888-659-8230 / info@prcbookprinting.com or maybe to help create your next book using all the new techniques.

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