How To Write a Dedication Page for Your Book

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How to Write a Dedication Page

In the 18th Century it was unusual for publishers to remunerate authors; authors tended to be paid as one element. Patron-client relationship,  which the author or client paid tribute to his or her patron.  In many cases, the author would receive gifts for their allegiance to the person or city.

In this century, majority of books include a dedication page. Some authors agonize over the dedication page. Questioning who to dedicate their book to. Choosing that person or animal, who made them emotionally connected to their choice.

Thought on Writing a Dedication Page:

  • Choose the right person, persons, or animal which are key in your life. Authors may choose a family member, past loved one, or a pet who made an impact throughout their life and brought them to their journey of writing the book.  Some authors who started out on a Kickstarter campaign may include all the sponsors who contributed to make their book a reality.
  • Once the dedication is chosen, be sure to provide the title to identify that person by. For example, if you dedicate to your pet: “Scratchy”, My cat daughter of 26 years, always kept my secrets safe and was my friend to the end.
  • You can incorporate the reason for choosing the person for the dedication. If the dedicatee is sponsoring you financially, emotionally from past or present, or you’re honoring them just for being your support through your life, include this information. This always makes the reader feel connected to you as the author.

Where To Place the Dedication Page for Your Book

The dedication page is placed in the interior book block. Typically, it is placed on the first few pages, depending on the layout of the book.  Some authors add the dedication on the same page as the copyright information. We do have some authors who add to the back of the book.  It all depends on the layout of the book design. PRC Book Printing will assist with the layout offering options if your page count does not lay out properly.

Examples of What to Write:

Thank you to everyone who helped make this book happen, especially: My parents, Christian and Carly Schmidt, and Dr. John Doe at Rillings Hospital.

For Ralph who taught our kids the value of hard work, honesty, and integrity. – HLK

For Roberta who loves wildlife and nature. – HLK

For  Linda~
While my trips to the deserts were absolutely incredible, I treasure the time we have spent together even more.

PRC Book Printing representatives are here to guide you through your book journey, whether a hardcover book, novel, children’s book, or another style, we will make your experience pleasurable.  Call 888.659.8320 or email: an experienced book representative will be in touch right away.

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