“NO SOUP FOR YOU!” A Board book printing Story

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I work a lot with Children’s book publishers and authors, and I am constantly fielding questions and complaints about children’s boardbooks and problems with them curling over time until they’re more useful as soup bowls than for reading.  

People – you do not have to stand for this anymore.

 There are several factors that contribute to this problem.  In no specific order, they are:

  • the quality of the board itself
  • the grain of the board
  • the humidity in the shop during binding
  • adherence to certain post-bindery processes that control moisture content

 There a plenty of children’s book printers who will tell you they can “do” board books, but they will be so bowl-shaped you can eat your Mulligatawny in them.

 We had enough demand for children’s board book printing that I found vendors who showed me what they have and what they do in order to prevent this infamous bowing nightmare.  Most important is that it works, and I would be happy to provide you with the names of happy clients who will confirm it.  

So, if you want boardbooks that lay flat and stay flat – call PRC Book Printing today.  If you call someone else, ask them if their books come with spoons. 

You’ll need them!

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