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High-Quality Book Printing Services in NY

At PRC Book Printing, we believe that every self-published author deserves the chance to put their work into the world, and we make that goal a reality by providing the best book printing services in New York.

Our team specializes in several printing methods and can develop your writing in any format you want. Additionally, if you’re unsure about how you want your book to look, our printing experts will help you plan the aesthetics, from the size and type of paper you use to the quality of the cover.

Hardcover Book Printing in NY

Though e-readers and ‘cheaper-to-produce’ softcover books have replaced the prevalence of hardcover reads, they still have a place in literature lovers’ hearts for a few reasons. For starters, hardcover books are more durable than the alternatives, and they also have an elegant appearance that looks good on display.

Several hardcover book printing services in New York will distribute your literature, but PRC Book Printing has the best team in the state. We use robust and long-lasting paper and hardcover materials to ensure your book stays strong and vibrant ink that pops off the pages.

Our company has served New York for over 20 years, so our book printers know how to make a book look its best, and we’ll use that knowledge to help clients. While we leave every final decision to you, we can help struggling authors find the paper type, page layout, and binding that best fits their product.

Though hardcovers work best for novels and non-fiction writing, you can put them on nearly everything; from cookbooks to photo albums.

Perfect Bound Book Printing in NY

Perfect bound books have soft covers and precisely built book binding. That perfect binding allows the pages to fall neatly in place when you turn them, creating a sophisticated, neat aesthetic that fits flush onto shelves. Perfect bound books are also cheaper to make than hardcover ones, but they come with the drawbacks of standard softcover literature.

Perfect bound books are not as durable as hardcover ones and, despite their orderly appearance, don’t often stand out relative to hardcover reads. Because of those potential drawbacks, it’s crucial to schedule perfect bound book printing services in New York from a company qualified to bring the best out of softcovers, and there’s no better team for the job than PRC Book Printing.

We build perfect bound books nearly as durable as hardcover ones, and our design knowledge and top-rate materials let us give your writing a colorful, exciting design that stands out without a hardcover.

Another advantage of perfect bound books is that you can use them for anything, but they’re standard with lighter-weight reads like picture books and product catalogs.

Offset Book Printing in NY

Offset book printing was invented in the 20th century but has evolved into a modern staple of our book printing services in New York. Thanks to advanced equipment like the Heidelberg printing press, we can produce bulk orders with stunning images faster than any other printing method.

Since the most significant advantage of offset printing is its speed, the people who use it most work in industries like advertising and publishing, where they need to mass produce a book within a short timeframe.

We offer two types of offset printing; offset sheet-fed and offset web printing. Offset sheet-fed printing earned its name because bookbinders feed individual sheets into the printer with this method. The printer then stamps the image on both sides of the paper.

Offset sheet-fed printing is slightly more expensive and time-consuming than offset web printing because of the process and extra materials needed. However, sheet-fed printing lets you customize the type and size of paper you want, unlike offset web printing.

On the other hand, offset web printing is more cost-effective than sheet-fed because it puts all images on the same page and finishes quicker. You can use either method to bulk print up to 20,000 book copies.

Board Book Printing in NY

Board book printing is the ideal vessel for children’s books. It produces thick pages that are easy for toddlers to turn and vibrant colors to capture a reader’s attention. Additionally, you’ll have even more child-friendly options when you schedule board book printing services in New York from PRC Book Printing.

We can trim your board book to take on any shape or design you can imagine, helping your text stand out. For example, if you’re writing a children’s story about a giraffe, our team can shape the cover and pages like one to encapsulate its themes.

Cookbook Printing in NY

Our team also prints elegant, engaging cookbooks, which we can help you lay out. We understand that creating a cookbook is a work of art, so we use high-quality binding and paper to ensure we preserve that art for decades of chefs.

We also have unique binding options for cookbooks, making them easier to flip through in the kitchen.

Children’s Book Printing in NY

Children’s books undergo a lot of wear and tear. Not only do they have to endure mishandling from young readers, but they also often must withstand parents passing them down for generations. Because kids’ literature has such a demanding job, children’s authors must find book printing services in New York that promise a durable, high-quality product for decades, like PRC Book Printing.

Whether you want a hardcover or softcover children’s book, we’ll emphasize durability during printing to ensure it’s up for the road ahead. In addition, our printing and binding company has worked with children’s authors since the beginning, so our experts can also help you design your book to be more exciting for young kids.

We also offer card and board game printing, so if your story’s theme is good enough to sell toys with, we’ll print both simultaneously. 

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