Professional Book Printing Services in Pennsylvania

High-Quality Book Printing Services in PA

Your book is less likely to reach its audience without professional production, and PRC Book Printing has the best book printing services in Pennsylvania. Our team has several printing services available to make your literary dream a reality no matter what you’ve created.

Hardcover Book Printing in PA

Though hardcover book printing services aren’t as popular as in years past, they’re still the premier way to create a high-quality book. Hardcovers are more durable than cheaper, weaker alternatives. While they are more expensive than softcover books, they offer a unique, eye-catching appearance that literature lovers adore.

The northeast has a lot of professional book printers, but PRC Book Printing provides the best book printing services in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. We use vibrant ink, firm binding, and long-lasting pages and covers to ensure your hardcover book looks and feels perfect.

However, our team isn’t the best just because we give clients many options; we’re the best because we know how to guide struggling book publishers to the right ones.

PRC Book Printing has over 20 years of experience as a book printer, and we use the knowledge that decades on the job provide to help authors find their ideal design.

Of course, we leave the final design decisions to the author. However, if you don’t know where to start, we’ll recommend bindings, page types, and printing styles so that your work of art looks as good as it deserves to.

You can use hardcovers for nearly every book type, but most publishers seek this printing style for novels, cookbooks, photo albums, and product catalogs.

Perfect Bound Book Printing in PA

Perfect bound books have a soft cover and carefully glued bind. That perfect binding allows the pages to sit evenly with the edge of the book, creating a professional, clean appearance. Though perfect bound books have the same faults as standard softcover ones (poor durability and aesthetic relative to hardcovers), they can provide several benefits when you print them correctly.

Perfect bound books fit neatly on shelves, and because they’re easier to make than hardcover books, they cost less. Additionally, when you schedule perfect bound book printing services in Pennsylvania from PRC Book Printing, you’ll receive copies nearly as durable as hardcovers with the same vibrant ink and design options.

Working with PRC Book Printing also means that you can place bulk orders with turnaround times as quick as ten weeks.

Offset Book Printing in PA

Offset book printing has existed since the 20th century, but it blossomed into something modern and spectacular with the invention of the Heidelberg printing press. Offset printing now produces bulk photo orders with quicker turnaround times than any standard printing method, and there’s no better place to go for offset prints than PRC Book Printing.

Our team is the leading provider of offset book printing services in Pennsylvania and across the country. Our expertise allows us to produce higher-resolution photos in larger batches and quicker turnaround times than our competitors. Additionally, we offer two types of offset printing, each designed to match different industry needs; offset sheet-fed and offset web printing.

With offset sheet-fed printing, our experts feed individual sheets of paper into the offset printer, which quickly stamps the image on both sides of the page before moving to the next. Though sheet-fed printing can take longer and cost more than web printing, it lets clients customize what paper type and dimensions they want. People often use offset sheet-fed printing for product catalogs and photo albums.

Offset web printing cuts costs and time by printing everything on one massive page rather than on individual sheets. While the photo quality in both offset printing methods is similar, the downsides of web printing are that you don’t have as many paper customization options. Most people use offset web printing for newspapers and magazines.

Since speed is the most significant asset of offset book printing, we recommend only scheduling it in orders of 250 or higher. Because of our offset printing experience, we can complete simple orders of up to 20,000 units within days.

Board Book Printing in PA

Board books are the perfect binding method for children’s literature. They work exceptionally for short reads with lots of pictures, and because the pages in board books are so thick, they’re easy for young children to grab. 

With board book printing services in Pennsylvania from PRC Book Printing, you can also print books in any shape or design you want, making them even more appealing to young kids.

Cookbook Printing in PA

Our team also has world-class cookbook printing services. We understand that assembling a cookbook is an art form, so we use colorful ink and materials to keep the images looking good and the recipes intact. 

We always keep prices low with our cookbooks and board book printing services in Pennsylvania. As a result, the 570 culinary schools across the United States save 30% on book costs when they print their cookbooks through PRC Book Printing.

Children’s Book Printing in PA

Every author wants their work to hold up through years of use, but durability is especially crucial for children’s books. Children’s literature goes through more wear and tear with rough use from kids, and many parents want to pass their favorite books down to the next generations, which they can’t do if the pages fall out and the book binding collapses.

PRC Book Printing has provided stellar children’s book printing services in Pennsylvania since we opened our doors, and our work has only improved. We have the solid and high-quality materials needed to build a book that lasts through decades of use, and we also use eye-popping color ink that will capture kids’ attention. 

We also provide card and board game printing services, so if your children’s book has a theme that would make a fun activity, we can bring it to life.

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