Saving money with PRC Book Printing requiring hand work book production

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Saving money with PRC Book Printing

Requiring hand work book production

How can you save money when your book production is requiring specialty hand work needs?

What is the term “hand work” in reference to book binding?

Hand work means that human hands are need to complete a project, in other words, the work could not be finished by a machine.

The hand work needs in book finishing  may refer to packaging, die-cutting, shrink wrapping…Generally when human hands are required for a book project it will take longer and workers will need to be compensated, so it’s natural for the cost of the book will increase costs.

Usually, this type of specialty (manual work) is in children’s book printing.  Board book printing is the highest requirement in hand work requests.  Publishers request die-cut the book into a shape, a lift-the-flap books, insert of fuzzy, slick, rough material describing the story line.

These are examples of hand work projects.

A popular book “What Time is It” by Learning Wood, LLC, the wooden clock is inserted into the board book. An added feature is the plastic moveable hour and minute hands this is a prime example of hand work construction.  This is a great learning tool for the little clock learners.

Embossing on a hard cover book printing, children book printing, perfect bound book printing is also considered a hand work assembly.

Having these special novelties added to your book will require the manual labor; this is where PRC Book Printing can offer you competitive pricing printing from China is where you will see these hand work requirements affordable.

Contact PRC Book Printing today to get a quote on your “hand work” book project.  Please email info@prcbookprinting, Call:888.659.8320 or fill out our Request a quote form and we will certainly get back to you right away!

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