Soy Inks

Soy Ink is a kind of ink made from soybeans. Soy inks were founded in the 1970’s, due to the rising prices of petroleum which is found in traditional inks.  Soy ink is great for Children’s book printing; these inks are safer for the little bookworms.

Soy inks are blended with pigment, resin and waxes which is a helpful component in recycling of paper because the soy ink can be removed more easily than regular inks from paper during the de-inking process.  One disadvantage for the printer using this ink takes more time to dry.

Call us for recommendation which types of paper to use with the soy inks.  Different types of paper absorb more than others.

Check out our web information tab for Children Book printing regulations from the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety) using Soy Based inks protects you from the requirements regarding lead level safeties.

If you’re interested in more information about PRC Book Printing, please contact us at 888-659-8320 or email

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