Why You Should Work with a Book Printing Service

Why You Should Work with a Book Printing Service

If you’re one of the 40% of authorswho choose to self-publish your book, reaching a wider audience is likely a priority. Being responsible for all of your own marketing is a challenging task, and you need to reach those who may not be completely sold on purchasing eBooks.

That’s why using book printing services is essential for any budding bestseller. Read on to learn the many benefits of using a book printing service and how you can sell more copies the right way.

There Are Tons of Binding Options

No matter how you want your book to look, there’s a binding option out there for you. Perfect binding (commonly referred to as a paperback book) is one of the most popular options. It looks professional and great on bookshelves while still being affordable for both the seller and the buyer.

You can also get hardcovers if you want your book to be of especially high quality. The only downside to this is that they’re more expensive to print and will therefore need to be sold at a higher price. You may want to simply invest in hardcovers for collector’s and library editions while selling mostly paperbacks.

We also print children’s books and board books for those who are interested in them. These are the perfect binding options for creating high-quality and affordable books for all young kids.

Coffee table book printing and spiral-bound options are perfect for some uses as well. This is a great choice for things like cookbooks and restaurant menus.

Browse all the printing services that are out there and determine which is right for your book. The diverse options available are a great reason to use a book printing service. You can appeal to those who want specific formats and editions that you would be otherwise unable to provide.

Your Book Will Look Professional

If you were to try to learn to bind a book yourself, it wouldn’t just take a long time. It would also wind up looking amateurish. This could be detrimental to your sales since people will assume that your book’s sloppy appearance means that you don’t care about it.

Even if this isn’t the case, people are sure to perceive it this way. On the flip side, working with a professional binding service will get your book looking amazing from the moment it’s off the press. People will see how much you value your work and the money that they’re investing in it.

You’ll Reach a Wider Audience

eBooks are a great way to reach people all around the globe. They’re easy to publish and easy for readers to access. People can download them in seconds and read them on their preferred device.

So why are print books still outselling them by over $20 billion?

People of all ages like the way that physical books stand out on shelves. They like the look and feel of the binding and feel more accomplished when they own something physical. Unlike eBooks, a print copy is something that belongs to them- they can treasure it, love it, and reread it again and again.

Physical copies also are ideal for libraries and schools. Many of these commercial locations prefer to carry print books because they’re easier for patrons and students to access.

Like schools, some individuals may also not have the necessary technology for accessing eBooks. This excludes many low-income and struggling families from enjoying books. By publishing print copies, you’re widening your audience and showing that you care about accessibility.

Libraries and Bookstores May Notice You

As an author, having your book in stores and in libraries likely sounds like a dream. In addition to being extremely cool, it also is a lucrative marketing opportunity.

While the old saying goes that you should never judge a book by its cover, most people do just that. Seeing that your book exists as an eBook isn’t going to make them feel compelled to buy it for its beautiful cover design. That’s why your goal should be to showcase this cover in stores and in libraries.

To do this, however, you absolutely will need to have print copies of your book before this can happen. They’re unlikely to consider you if you don’t already have something to show for yourself. Hiring a book binding service can ensure that they notice your book.

Book Printing Services Are Affordable

You may worry that book printing services will cost too much money for your budget, but they’re actually quite affordable. You can print paperbacks incredibly cheaply and sell them at a reasonable price while still turning a profit.

We also may be able to offer you financing plans to keep the strain off you while you market and sell your book. This will allow you to invest your funds in all of the most important places.

In addition to being initially affordable, your print books will have an awesome ROI. Even if you choose to invest money in printing more different editions, you will be able to turn a profit on your investment.

Get Started With Printing Your Book

Now that you know the benefits of using book printing services, it’s time to get started. Request a quote for how much it will cost to print anywhere between 500-1000 copies of your book.

We also are happy to answer any remaining questions that you have within 24 hours and to help you select the perfect type of binding to suit your needs. Since we’re committed to helping you make your dreams into a reality, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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