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Choosing cloth for your hard cover book

Choosing cloth for your hard cover book

Cloth cover binding was not readily accepted at first in the early 19th century but by the end of the century it became the norm.

When designing your hard cover book overseas a lot of US client’s choose their fabrics, paper and leatherette’s from US cloth and paper manufacturers.  Continue reading

Saving money with PRC Book Printing requiring hand work book production

Saving money with PRC Book Printing

Requiring hand work book production

How can you save money when your book production is requiring specialty hand work needs? What is the term “hand work” in reference to book binding?  Hand work means that human hands are need to complete a project, in other words, the work could not be finished by a machine.  The hand work needs in book finishing  may refer to packaging, die-cutting, shrink wrapping…Generally when human hands are required for a book project it will take longer and workers will need to be compensated, so it’s natural for the cost of the book will increase costs. Continue reading

China Fall Holidays Approaching-Expect delays in Production

China Fall Holidays – Expect delays in Production

As the US Fall season approaches our friends in China will be celebrating their Fall Holidays.  Expect delays in production and shipping add these closure dates to your schedule.

Mid-Autumn Festival holiday   September 19 – 22nd (Thursday – Sunday)-This holiday is also known as the Moon Festival.  This is an outdoor reunion with friends and family, eating moon cake and watching the moon.  Continue reading

Do people still need printed calendars?

Do people still need printed calendars?

The wall/pocket calendar is still a popular asset to planning your agendas, counting down the days before that holiday with the family or final days until beach time!  People state they love their digital calendars, but really what would happen if you can’t view due to a virus on the computer or your phone battery runs out and you’re unable to check that important appointment?  Continue reading