Choosing the Right Paper for your Book

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Choosing the Right Paper for a custom book

When printing a unique custom book, first the book size is determined, along with binding style. Next, consider how the content inside will flow with the beautifully designed cover.  A custom book printer will provide several interior paper selections. Choosing the right paper depends on the content. 

Novel papers:

Novels are usually printed with black ink or one color, most often printed on uncoated paper with a light weight stock. Authors sometimes use a matte coated paper that is easier on the readers’ eyes.

Photography papers:

Photography, architecture, and home design books usually use coated paper stocks.  Coated stocks provide more pop to the color images. The weight of the paper also provides opacity for the opposite side’s images or text. If the paper is too thin with a lot of heavy ink, either the text or images on the opposite side will be slightly visible.  Sometimes uncoated papers are used for illustrations to provide an antique appearance.

Children’s book papers:

Children’s books interior papers sometimes require a heavier stock for the little munchkins reading the book over and over. Children may continually turn the pages, often without the same careful consideration as adults. Because of this, these types of books are generally created with coated papers.  Similar options to using coated papers  are matte or gloss coatings.  When creating an educational children’s book, which will be used one time and requires writing, you can produce it with a wood free paper.

Custom book printing papers vary depending on the artists’ aspirations. Gloss paper provides the extra zest to the image, but matte coated paper can be easier to read and slightly flatter than the gloss papers. When including images or photographs, it is best to be sure the papers are opaque.

PRC Book Printing will assist on the decisions for the interior papers to custom fit the book.  Please visit our paper weight blogs to help with your custom book printing. We aim to make your book exceptional and stand out from other books on the market.  To learn more about custom book printing, interior paper coatings, and weight options, call us at 888.659.8320 or email at

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