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Dimensions for Custom Book Printing

The main question asked from Self-Publishers, authors and designers, “What is a standard book size?”  Counter, “What type of book are you producing?”  This is a frequent question and response weekly. Solution majority book produced are custom book printing sizes. 

Once the reply is answered, we can move forward offering the many binding sizes.  Authors, photographers, layout designers of the books offer beautiful color images/photography that need to be displayed in full array, this is where custom book printing services arises to demand. Many printers are limited to book size due to their printing and binding equipment. The equipment is not the only game changer, but the paper options come to ruin the play book. 

Typically the industry standard & economical book size for offset printing is 5”x8”, 5.5”x8.5 and 6”x9”.  The type of book which use these sizes; example novels, poetry, educational and trade back books.

Producing book types like photography, architectural, children’s books, coffee table books designers are seeking a unique size, cover design, along with special interior pages. Is there a typical size for these type of custom size books? No.  

Here are some binding sizes for custom book printing: 

Hardcover binding:

·         12” w  x  9”h       (Landscape)

·         10” w x 10”h       (Finished)

·         14” w x 7”h         (Landscape)

·         10” w x 12”h       (Portrait)

·         11” w x 11”h       (Finished)

Perfect/Saddle stitch binding (depending on the interior page count):

·         9” w x 12”h         (Portrait)

·         11”w x 12”h        (Portrait)

·         14” w x 14”h       (Portrait)

·         12”w x 13”h        (Portrait)

PRC Book Printing will assist on an economical size suitable for your production budget.  Please check out our next blog on custom book printing Two, expanding information on many options on cover designs, special added features to make your custom book exceptional from other books on the market.  To learn more about custom book printing sizes call us at 888.659.8320 or email at

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