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Researching into the China Labor Laws, which is widely known China has not been a defender of worker’s rights; but depending on the factory some employer’s in China do uphold their contract with their employees.  The Chinese government has changed the Labor Laws but usually these laws are not enforced by the government. But reading many articles foreign owners with business’

in China tell a different story, some stating bad things follow if you do not uphold your contract with the employee.

Reading hundreds of articles and stories it so indecisive if manufacturing is good or bad in China.  You need to know which factories you are dealing with, which comes with your relationship with the vendor.

Our team in China follows the business 6S Standards:

  • Sort – Distinguish between what is needed and not needed and to remove the latter.
  • Stabilize – Enforce a place for everything and everything in its place.
  • Shine – Clean up the workplace and look for ways to keep it clean.
  • Standardize – Maintain and monitor adherence to the first three Ss.
  • Sustain – Follow the rules to keep the workplace 6S-right—”maintain the gain”.
  • Safety – Eliminate hazards. (We added this sixth “S” so we could maintain the focus on Safety within our Lean events and embed safe conditions into all our improvements.)

Our printing facility eliminates use of child labor, works in clean and secure working environment, holds IS0 9000 certification, along with IS014001:2004, also accredited with Disney certification (which is one of the longest audits to get receive this certification).  Our factories have passed all the MCS and ILS audits.

Our Partners

We have been working with our two China partners for 10 years; that has been the key to our company’s success throughout its existence.  Your books are well handled with the workers facilities which are clean, secure and safe.

Please reach out to PRC Book Printing to learn more about our book printing quality which we uphold to the highest standards in China.  Contact us via or Telephone:  888.659.8320.

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