Recipe to making a cook book!

Recipe to making a cook book!

The time creating a cook book, from collecting the recipes, to verifying all the measurements are accurate, to the photography, for catching the zesty flavor and actual color of that avocado or the colorful herbs on top of the seared fish, after all finalized it’s time to put everything on paper, to share your chef talents.

PRC Book Printing is here to make your cook book vision a reality!

There are many binding methods to choose: hard cover, soft cover, spiral/wire-o, concealed wire-o and comb binding.  We will assist you on the paper, lamination, board size and binding methods.

You may want to have the cook book lay flat, than we suggest comb binding, this allows the recipe readers to have the book open without the pages flipping and having to use a meat mallet to hold the book flat. Also, comb binding allows you to print on the spine. This is important because when it’s on your shelf or a book stores shelf people can read the title of the book. Most book stores require the title on the spine too.

By producing on a glossy paper will protect from splatters of water, sauce, liquids from seeping into the pages causing the 1/3 cup to 1/_ cup.

Recipes are treasures, which you want to savor for the years to come.

Let us help direct you in the production of your cook book printing project!

For further assistance from PRC Book Printing call 888.659.8320 or email:

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