Size and Color Do Matter When Producing Your Books in China!

What makes your book a good fit for overseas print services?  The cost for shipping from China may not be an economical choice when producing smaller quantities, but high volume printing of books can be the best fit for China.

The book size, type (hardcover/soft cover), page count and interior ink (1, 2, 3, 4
or 5 color), as well as your needs, help to determine what quantity to purchase. As should be expected, the larger the quantity ordered, the lower the unit price, but it all comes down to the author or publisher who is printing the book. Unfortunately, this system usually benefits the larger publishers. The opportunity is sometimes offered to self-publishers producing smaller runs, but on a completely different selling rate.

There are several scenarios to demonstrate that overseas printing can be a cost-saving solution for publishers or self-publishers, depending on the size, color and binding style:

When printing 10,000 four color perfect bound books with an interior page count over 36+ pages, overseas printing would be the economical solution, as long as the project is not a monthly publication. As stated in past blogs on shipping, ocean freight averages 6-7 weeks for delivery.

Another example of hefty book printing: children’s four color hardcover books. If you are printing a quantity of 1,000 to 2,000 of these books, you can see substantial savings by printing in China, again depending on size and color in the book.

Please note that the margins or profits that one person may have could vary from another person(s). For example: while one author or publisher may spend $5,000 on design, layout, trademarking, etc., another author or publisher may have only spent $3,000 and, thus, may not need such a large margin. They could get away with a higher per unit cost.

In the end, no matter what size, color or type of book you need printed, PRC Book Printing will help you determine whether printing overseas will be a cost effective solution for your project. Please reach out to PRC Book Printing to learn more about our high volume book printing services in China. Contact us via email at or telephone at 888.659.8320.