Benefits of Printing Books in China

book printing in China

The stigma against printing in China has been around since the beginning of importing: “It’s on the Slow Boat from China”. Yes, shipping from the Far East to the West does take time, but with various accommodations and modern technology, you can receive books much faster than this old saying suggests!

Benefits of Book Printing in China:

  • CostBook printing in China and Southeast Asia is more economical, with price ranging based on the quantities ordered. An especially cost-effective reason to print in China is the price difference when printing hand work projects. Examples of handwork projects include books with a dust jacket (the folding), die-cutting, inserts, assembling items together, and embossing.
  • Selection – PRC offers several odd book sizes, which is a benefit when printing a peculiarly oversized book or undersized books. We’ll work with you to produce the results you want for your project.
  • Quality – Rest assured, PRC manages all aspects of the book production, along with importing the books into the United States and elsewhere throughout the world. Quality is our top priority.
  • Quantity – The larger the book run, the cost per unit decreases. This provides a better sales margin if you choose to print a larger run, especially for self-publishing authors.
  • Fair, Consistent Pricing – PRC doesn’t charge for revisions after the proofing stage, nor for help with changing the files. Most US printers add on fees for such services.
  • Equipment – China printing facilities having all the machinery in-house; they don’t need to outsource jobs and everything is in one location, which decreases the costs. In the US, some printing facilities claim they do in-house printing but farms out the binding, which can raise the cost.

Print your Book in China with PRC Book Printing:

Many China book printers broker out the job with various vendors. Some vendors could be from uncertified companies. Certifications ensure quality and reliability, like the ISO9001 certification that evaluates the quality management system, not only for the customer but the employees working in the establishment.

Working directly with book printers in China may result in your book being outsourced to other vendors. If your job is brokered to various printers, it can increase the chance of inconsistent print and other issues that may arise due to the different techniques and less experienced workers.

PRC Book Printing has worked with one printer for over 13 years. We are English speaking and can assist you without a 12 hour time difference like those in China. We have normal US office hours and will pick up the phone or answer an email within minutes. PRC is your eyes and ears on the ground. You will receive the same quality product each time you print at our facility. Large runs or small runs – we handle all jobs the same with the best attention and care. Let us be your connection to our reliable book printers in China so that you have the ease of working with a US company but the benefits of printing in China.

PRC Book Printing offers China book printing services.  Typically, quantities starting from 1000 units will provide cost-effective pricing with PRC’s amenities. Please call us at 888.659.8320 or email us at

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