Copyright Information

Copyright Information

Several of our self publishers are new on the process of how, who and when to copyright their books in production. As your book printer, we need to make our client’s knowledgeable and assist with the production of your book.

What do you write on a copyright page, how do you make that page legitimate?

There are three fundamentals to complete the registration of your book/books:
1. Completed copyright application.
2. (Non-refundable) filing fee.
3. (Non-refundable) deposit which means a copy/copies of your book.

Where do you file such an application: . Usually, filing is completed after the book production.

What is usually placed on a copyright page, here are some suggestions:

Text copyright © 2014 by (Author’s Name)
Illustrations by (Artist, Designer, Illustrator name)
All rights reserved. This book may not be reproduced, transmitted, or stored in whole or in part by any means, including graphic, electronic, or mechanical without the express written consent of the Author.
ISBN-10: 0-0000-0000-0 (purchase your ISBN at )
ISBN-13: 000-0-0000-0000-0

Children’s books require labeling. Suggestion:

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Good site to reference for further information on copyright your book:

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