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Amazon Book Promotion Guide
Promoting Your Book with Hashtags
Advantages of Book Pre-Orders
Winning Book Awards: Why and How
Getting Valuable Book Reviews
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PRC Book Printing

If you’re an author trying to get your book published, you’ve no doubt realized that publishing a book isn’t cheap. In fact, the total cost of publishing can cost anywhere from $4,500-$17,000.

It’s no surprise that people seek out ways to cut costs. One significantly cheap option is to print your work in China. However, there are specific guidelines that come with printing a book in China.

The opportunity to save financially is hard to pass up. Thankfully, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by knowing the rules well in advance. So without further ado, here is your guide to book printing in China.


Prohibited Printing in China

China has various regulations in place when it comes to what can be printed in China. These regulations exist to promote public and lawful rights and to promote China’s socialist spiritual and material civilization.

For example, materials that are pornographic, reactionary, or superstitious are forbidden from the public. Thus they are also prohibited from being printed. This can include articles referencing politically sensitive information or names, Bibles, content that is sexually obscene, or even content with vulgar language.

China is seeking to preserve its culture, which is why these regulations are in place. Printers must abide by these rules to avoid legal issues.


Why Print in China?

Printing in China can be much more affordable than in the U.S. One major benefit is that all printing equipment is in-house, with everything in one location and no outsourcing of jobs. Furthermore, there are no charges for revisions, which is not the case in many U.S. facilities.

In the United States, it is very costly to have all equipment under one roof, which forces them to farm it out and raise printing costs. In China, everything from cutting machines, binding machines, lamination machines, etc. Everything needed for printing books, including abundant labor, is right in-house.


Why Print at All?

This may all sound good to you. If your book isn’t provocative or religious, you may be fine in China. But you still may wonder why you should print at all in the digital age.

Because print books are still significantly outselling ebooks. Print books allow readers to hold something they are looking at in their hands, invigorating different senses. There’s a visual appeal that wins readers over to an appealing book.

That’s why you should follow the same standard with China that you would anywhere else. Find a reputable company that will print a high-quality book for you.


Where Can I Print My Book in China?

Now that you know some of the regulations for printing in China, you can decide if it’s a good fit for you. If you can follow their standards, you’re better off saving money with a good quality printing service in China.

At PRC Book Printing we print everything from hardcovers, cookbooks, picture books, and self-published books. We are committed to high-quality printing to ensure your book looks marketable and appealing.


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