Hardback Book Cloth and Foil Options Cloth Book Covers Colors -Textures – Foils

Hardback Book Cloth and Foil Options Cloth Book Covers Colors -Textures – Foils

PRC Book Printing offers an array of cloth Book Covers colors and textures for a hardcover book or casebound book printing. We offer resilient-yet-stylish fabrics book covers perfect for foil stamping, blind debossing and much more. https://prcbookprinting.com/cover-finishes/

The majority of cloth book covers are used for novel books, art books, coffee table and even cookbooks. Standard print on cloth cover is the foil stamp process. Choosing the color and texture will determine the need for debossing then adding the foil to provide a crisp foil.

The cloth cover book creates a sophisticated look and feel but in return provides extra strength to your book project.

Book Cloths vs Regular fabrics

Comparing fabric to a book cloth, these are two different manufacturing processes. The process for book cloth includes a tissue backing to glue the cloth to the boards. You cannot glue a standard cloth to a board and glue. Early centuries chose to add fabrics to the books to provide longevity to repel dirt, oils, and water.

The Group B cloth is from the Arrestox, Kennett, Pearl Linen, and Shimmer collection. Here are some colors available to view:


The Arlington fabric is 100% cotton cloth. It is composed of pH-neutral 100% cotton, meeting ANSI, BMI, and NASTA standards for B-grade cloth, with a protective coating providing abrasion and water resistance.


Sierra cloth offers a classic, natural fabric alternative, through the combination of dyed Rayon cloth and lightweight, tissue-paper backing, making it the perfect choice when the distinct look of natural cloth is desired. This is the perfect cover material choice for hardcover books and journals. Produced with an FSC-certified tissue paper backing, to eliminate flaking and glue overflow.

The Sierra and Arlington are perfect fabrics for Foil stamping and debossing /blind stamping. Other brands may be toothy for these applications.

Foils increase your cloth cover books’ visibility, value perceptions, and authentications for brand awareness.

Unlike Print on Demand or digital printing, we offer an assortment of foil colors. The colors are endless, the same as the designs of the foil. Examples: Metallic shades, holographic patterns, peal, matte pigment shades, gloss pigment shades and clear holographic patterns.

Normally with novel books, a black and white interior the author or publisher chooses to foil stamp on the front cover and spine. Typically, the front cover foil you place the title of the book. The spine will foil the title, author, and a logo of the publisher.

PRC- Book Printing Emboss

Some of our clients foil on all three pieces of the cover. An example image below the back cover is foiled with an image of a palm tree. The publisher chose to foil the front, spine, and back cover. This particular author foiled the front cover title only – spine title and author’s name – back cover the image of a palm tree.

If seeking a specialty color or texture cloth or foil for your custom hardcover book, contact PRC Book Printing. Our sales representatives will guide you through the many options of cloth cover book and foil colors and shades.


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