File Setup Directions-Offset Printing in China

File Setup Directions-Offset Printing in China

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Best Practices Producing Your book with Offset Book Printing in China

Printing your book with offset printing color is the trickster comparing to digital printing.  Where as digital printers can print files with RGB, offset printers need the files set as CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.  These are the primary colors in offset print.

PRC Book Printing provides a preflight check before receiving your paper or electronic digital proof.  We verify the file is set up correctly, especially the output CMYK settings.

PRC Book Printing offers offset printing and this is why all files should be set as CMYK.  Printing offset you will receive amazing print quality to paper.

Converting your files from RGB to CMYK can be converted in Adobe InDesign or PhotoShop.  We do NOT recommend using Adobe Acrobat Professional to convert the files, without having a professional pre-press software. Example: PitStop.

1. Select Edit > Convert to Profile

2. Destination Space > Leave RGB Profile as is but set the CMYK Profile (Printing in China) SWOP JAPAN Color 2001 Coated (if printing on coated paper) or Uncoated (if printing on Uncoated paper), depending on what type of paper you will produce the book.

3. Conversion Options select Adobe as your conversion Engine > Choose Relative Colorimetric for Intent. This will preserve all RGB color that can be created accurately to CMYK. It will replace any RGB color that cannot be replicated accurately in CMYK known as out of gamut colors to the nearest CMYK match.

4. Click OK

PRC Book Printing

After the file is converted to CMYK in PhotoShop or Indesign compare the RGB to the CMYK file to see if there are any color shifts. Check the blues, greens and reds as you will the CMYK reduced the color gamut.

 *Color gamut is the entire range of colors and tones achievable by an imaging system. More specifically, the portion of the color spectrum that can be reproduced when transforming from RGB colors to CMYK colors.


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