Layout and Pagination

Layout and Pagination

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Thankfully, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to start reading again. This is good news for writers — whole new demographics of people who read are popping up. This, combined with the rise of independent book publishing, makes this a great time for a writer to publish a book.

However, books aren’t just made of words. While the words are your content, literature is a unique art form in that the publisher is selling physical products. TV producers don’t have to worry about selling TVs, but book publishers do need to worry about layout and pagination.

Are you a writer or publisher considering book pagination for a new book? This page will walk you through a brief introduction to this subject.

Figure Out Your Books Size

One of the most important aspects of creating a pleasurable reading experience is the tactile feeling of a book in a hand. If you don’t care about the tactile experience, you might as well just publish it as an ebook.

Consider the length of the book, the intensity of the reading experience, and the genre of the book before you choose your book size. If your book is a quick, fast-paced romance or thriller, you’ll likely want to publish in a smaller format, since you’ll want people to take your book on the go. If the book is a long literary epic, you’ll likely want to go bigger.

it’s important to consider which paper you’re printing on if you want to create a great reading experience. Some people enjoy bright-white pages. Others argue that the stark contrast between page and text creates more vibrations, thereby making it hard to read.

Speaking of which. . .

Are you wondering about the difference between a board book vs hardcover book? Click here to learn more about this distinction.

You’ll also need to choose the size and style of your font. Once again, different people have different opinions on what constitutes a proper font for reading.

This is why we recommend working with a book printing service. They can help offer their expert opinion on what will work best for your particular product, without getting in the way of the actual book you’re publishing.

For the most part, you should stay pretty straightforward and austere when publishing your book, so you can let the readers focus on your text. However, your chapter pages are the perfect opportunity to add a pop to your book to help it stand out.

Figure out if you’d like chapter titles, and if you want the first letter/line of your chapter to have some sort of distinction.

The most important of writing a book is caring about the words and sentences you write. However, layout and pagination are extremely important to creating a great reading experience.

Take all of the above items into consideration before you publish your book . Contact a book printing service, and gain their expert opinion on how you should format your book.

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