Offset Printing Bleed Requirements

Offset Printing Bleed Requirements

bleed and crop marks

Why do we need bleed in book printing?

Offset printers cannot print all the way to the edge of the paper. The sheets of paper are larger than the actual size of the book. You need to extend the page for trimming.

File set up for full bleed printing, designers need to remember the importance of bleed when setting up their files for offset printing or any type of book printing.

Formatting into a print-ready file the designer must be aware of the live matter, bleed, trim and crop marks when laying out the file. Typically, producing a four color book; majority of the artwork extends across the pages. An important note, always add an 1/8” or .125” – metric 3 mm to the page. Example if your interior book trim size is 8.5” w x 11” h; the page size should set at 8.75” w x 11.25” h.

Designers want the book images to bleed nicely off the page, but need to remember the text inside the page. Live matter should be .25” from the trim line, to ensure the story is not trimmed.

Noting the importance of bleed .125” on all 4 sides of the page will trim as shown on diagram below.

Seen below is an example of trim marks. The blade will trim on these lines, for crucial elements needed on the page, be sure it’s at least 1mm from the trim.

See sample page to reference bleed, trim and live matter:

PRC Book Printing offers offset sheet and web book printing services. Offset machinery prints on a large sheet, several of your book pages printed on the one sheet, this statement is why trim marks and bleed are essential to printing and binding.


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