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hardcover book printingPRC Book Printing is a world class professional manufacturing group specializing in high quality book printing, especially hardcover book printing China and custom hardcover book printing in the USA. Whether you publish your own hardcover book, cloth hardcover book binding or book with embossed cover; PRC manufactures books which output vibrant print and durable binding to last throughout the years. Our US print expertise, shared among our partners, we’ll sway to make us your hardcover book printer. We as a hardcover book Printer / custom hardback book printer whichever term you are seeking, we’ll make sure your hardcover photo book is visually and sensually stimulating; pleasing to both the eyes and fingertips!

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Book printing overseas hardcover can be a cost-effective way to produce your Hard Cover Book, Coffee Table Book, Artbook, Casebound Book, Photo Book, or Hardback Book Printing. When you publish your own hardcover book printing from China can be daunting to say the least. This is where PRC Book Printing steps in and handles every aspect of the process to make printing from China a stress free experience.

If you’re looking to produce a hardcover book or coffee table book printing project in the USA, we partnered up with one of the largest offset Sheet Fed Case bound Printers in the US, we offer domestic print services as well. PRC partnered up with one of the largest offset Sheet Fed Case bound Printers in the US, which is perfect for short run hardcover book printing projects or large run case bound book printing. Printing int he USA is a great alternative for time sensitive jobs. If you want to make your hardcover professional photo book printing standout from the rest, the print production options are endless. Unmatched superiority print color and the hardcover book printing prices are friendly to your pocket.

High Quality, Affordable Overseas Hardcover Book Printing in China and Custom USA Printing

When it comes to building a great quality hardcover book printing in China or domestically, we don’t mess around. We make sure every hard cover book that comes out of our overseas facility or US plant meets a set of standards. Starting with the right grade gray board and thickness, our heavy weight endpaper to hold the block to the cover, our re-enforced mesh; cut and sized for your particular project, and then the most important Smyth Sewn binding.  No matter what, when it comes to hardcover book printing or case bound book printing it must be Smyth Sewn. Smyth Sewn binding is the highest quality book binding available because the pages are physically sewn into the book. With the option to glue the book’s spine with our specialty adhesive glue and with our re-enforced mesh then our Smyth Sewn capabilities.  We make sure quality and durability can match up to almost any standard of books.  We at PRC Book Printing take pride in our work, especially when we are working for you to help publish your own hardcover book.

hardcover book printerThere is no question we can produce a great quality book, but we can’t generate a great book without your help…….. This is where PRC sets the standard in hardcover photo book printing customer services. For starters, picking the most economical size for your hardcover book is very important. When it comes to offset sheetfed printing size does matter when it comes to pricing. Every hardcover book printer has different types and sizes of presses and we make sure your hardcover book fits our press so you receive the best value out of your book. For example: a 9″w x 12″h (Portrait) is a 12 page signature. By changing the size to 8.5″w x 11.24″h the signature will produce as a 16 page signature. With larger page counts that could be a huge cost savings when choosing the right hardcover book printer. For more information on signature sizes, please click her to visit our blog.

PRC Book Printing also helps you choose the right material and options so we can produce a superior overseas book. We are here to walk you through every step of the way. From picking the right paper stock, cover material, even down to the right color thread in the Smyth Sewn binding. We work for you….

Hardcover book Varieties:

Our expertise can help create a one of kind Hardcover book for you. Starting with the cover, which is called the CASE.  The Case or cover is created separately from the block, also known as the text pages.  There are few options for the cover:

Leather or Leatherette Cover: By far one of the more expensive options, but it really makes the book stand out from the rest. The leather or Leatherette comes in a variety of colors, patterns and thickness.

Cloth Cover: Cloth cover book printing is more common than Leathers for hard cover book printing China. This is where your options become huge. The cloth choices first start with colors. The colors can range from a sandy tan, fire engine red, blue as the ocean to black as the night. For your custom cloth cover book printing there are many types of fabrics such as texture, smooth silk, suede, pure cotton, poly silk, linen, mixed cloth and much more.

Paper Cover:  Paper covers are more the standard cover of choice for coffee table book printing China. Paper covers allow you to print direct on the cover. However, on the Leather and cloth covers you are able to print, but are limited. The standard overseas paper cover stocks are glossy, matte and uncoated paper. Now, there are still many other options to choose from when it comes to the texture of the paper. These are called specialty stocks and the prices are a little more than standard.

The cover material is only one part of the cover. You can have foil stamping, which is done on the cover and or the spine. Typically cloth cover is a beautiful presentation for coffee table book printing with or without a dust cover. There are many foil colors and designs, which you can choose from. PRC provides the option of a book with embossed covers or debossing. This is a process that raises or lowers the image or text on the cover. This will provide an extra flare using these methods of embossing or debossing. You have different types of lamination; a matte lamination or a gloss lamination and then you can have lamination with a design already embedded. Producing a hardcover book printing China, embossing and debossing is considered a hand work assembly, so when printing a coffee table book China, this expense lessens compared to domestic printers. Please visit our hardcover book printing China hand work blog!

In further discussion of the above paragraph there are so many options for making a cover design rare. Artbook printing first arrived in the 1900’s, where artist hand painted the covers and could only produce limited editions. Now in the 21st century, with modern print technology to produce via art book self-publishing, production from 10 books in the 19th century can be massed produced in the 21st century.

What are the best books produced as hardcover books? There are a vast descriptive art book printing styles: children’s books, photography books (sceneries, nature, architectural, fashion and yes even tattoo books), coffee table books (paintings, drawings, photographs, travel, fun to peruse while killing time) to even educational tools. Book printing overseas hardcover bound has an array of hard cover books produced through our many years of service. Continue reviewing our image tabs to see some of our books we have printed. You can always publish your own coffee table book, which many of our clients are self-publishing authors as you can view some of their works using our photo display.

As you can see there are many options when it comes to Hardcover book Printing China or the USA. PRC representing as your hardcover book printers will simplify this process. PRC Book Printing will make your hardcover book printing project vision a reality.

Email or Call PRC Books toll free at 888-725-7817 and we will assist you with the quality of paper and other binding specifications to complete your revelation.

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