Our Prepress process at PRC

Prepress is the first category for the offset printing process. PRC Book Printing representatives will walk you through these steps to ensure it is a seamless procedure.

We offer different types of proofing methods.  Typically for black and white interior pages, to save on costs is to receive an electronic PDF proof. 

Learn more by viewing our proofing page.

Shipping logistics at PRC Book Printing

Formatting into a print-ready file the designer must be aware of the live matter, bleed, trim and crop marks when laying out the file.

Printing your book with offset printing color is the trickster compared to digital printing.  Whereas digital printers can print files with RGB, offset printers need the files set as CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. 

Imposition and Pagination is the first step before starting the actual layout.  You should map out the interior to get the final page count, before quoting the project.  Always remember page 1 is the first right-hand page.

Visit our offset project process to reference how your job is managed throughout the printing course.


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