Manufacturing and Sourcing Products from China

Pearl River China is not just a manufacture of paper products, we can manufacture and source many products. We have the capabilities to manufacture and source almost any product that comes out of China. With our team on the ground in China (whom speak Mandarin Chinese), we can locate factories, produce products and oversee almost any product from the start to finish including shipping to your destination. We usually handle large volumes when it comes to sourcing products in China and manufacturing in China. When I say large volumes, I mean in hundreds of thousands to tens of millions, however it really does depend on the product.

There are endless amount of websites that promote sourcing products in China and manufacturing in China, but you really never know what you are getting into. There so many horror stories that would scare you to make you never want to do business overseas directly if you don’t know what you’re doing. It is hard to trust someone one you find on the internet. However, I think I can change your outlook if you choose Pearl River China.

When it comes to sourcing products in China or manufacturing in China, you need a clear sourcing strategy. With our team in place in China, we make sure the supplier best suits your product’s needs. We do our diligence on the factory to make sure they are not too small, quality is up to US standards with quality control and can handle your volume. We make sure they have all the right certifications, audits and working conditions are at the highest standard. Locations of these factories are just as important. China is a huge country with factories spread throughout. Some parts of the country have lower standards than others and we filter out factories that don’t meet our standard.

By following our plan we make sure we get the best price, quality, terms and deliver your product in a timely matter.

What products can we source in china or manufacture in china? As you know, it is pretty much endless. 95% or more of the products that you buy or are sold in US retails stores, shops, convenient stores or wherever probably come from China. That is where Pearl River China comes in.

PRC Can Manufacture and Source Your Products from China.

We have and can produce almost anything, example;

  • Pens
  • Tape
  • Kinesiology tapes
  • Clothing
  • Thermal compression sleeves
  • Dentures
  • Flash drives
  • Yoga Balls
  • Form Rollers
  • Most Novelty items
  • Medical equipment
  • Mouse pads
  • Scissors
  • Solar panels
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Flash lights
  • Key Chains
  • Umbrellas
  • Lice combs
  • Electronics
  • Motorcycles

…and much, much more!


As a wholesaler, you don’t want the hassle of managing your fulfillment. We will handle your fulfillment needs by keeping your products safe in our warehouse. We will ensure your products are packed, shipped and delivered on time. This way you can concentrate on building your business while we are taking care of the housing and shipping products to your customer or retailers. We will make sure the technology is in place so all you have to do is click a button and we will handle everything else. We can arrange inventory tracking, address verification, carrier optimization and much more.

Depending on where you will be shipping your product(s). If you need warehousing in different parts of the world to keep the shipping costs down, we can also arrange that. With our connections/network throughout the world, we can set up multiple warehouses from the West Coast, Central, East Coast, Europe, Asia, Canada, or just about anywhere to fit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for pricing, products, factories in China please let us know.
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