Book Printing Shipping cost and Logistics

Book Printing Shipping cost and Logistics

Shipping and Logistics for your book project is important. We advise you to double check the quote you receive includes this detailed cost. This term means the movement of goods from one location to another. Logistics includes material handling, warehousing fees, packaging and more.

Shipping cost and Logistics in the US

In the US there are so many different shipping methods/carriers to deliver your book printing project. These carriers have their own specialty and sizes trucks depending on the load.

Residential deliveries and warehouse deliveries in the US

Always note on the quote if the printer includes shipping. Sometimes it is left off by some printers.  If there are shipping costs typically it is quoted dock to dock. Majority of self-publishers handle their own fulfillment from home, be sure to mention to the printer it is a residential delivery. Shipping loading dock to dock, typically is a 40 foot tractor trailer, which does not have a lift-gate and is transferred with a fork lift or pallet jack at pick up and delivery.

Residential Delivery

Shipping to a home or storage facility, this will require a smaller truck. Smaller trucks are called box trucks. This truck size could be 10’ to 20,’ which includes a lift gate. Delivering with a box truck will increase the cost, because it’s not a standard 40’ tractor trailer. Even though the cost for a special truck, this does not include an “Inside Delivery” in a house/garage.  The residential delivery fee only includes floor delivery. The driver is not required to physically move cartons into a house or garage. We advise our clients to let us know during the quoting phase to include these undisclosed costs.

Residential Delivery with “Inside Delivery”

Another added expense is moving cartons or skids/pallets inside a house or garage, this request is called an “inside delivery”. This added cost can be pricy depending on the amount of cartons or skids. Inside delivery could be as much as the shipping or even more depending on the size of the project.

International shipping from Asia to US

International shipping is exporting from one country to another country. PRC Book Printing ships from Asia to the USA. PRC Book Printing quotes quotes every project DDP and DDU due to the new impose tariffs importing into the United States on some category books.

DDP (Delivered, Duty and Paid): All cost associated with importing the product; international shipping, ocean fees, insurance fees, import duties, tariffs and all addition cost to destination (except for any exam holds and residential fees). Quoting with an overseas vender, remember to ask for DDP shipping.

DDU (Delivered, Duty and UnPaid): This one includes everything in the DDP, but excluding any import duties and tariffs. These fees will be added at the port during custom release.

FOB (Free On Board): When quoting an overseas agent this shipping method does NOT include any custom fees or shipping cost in the quote. It is basically just the cost to produce the product.

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For more info, please visit Shipping Terminology blog.

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