Choosing the Right Paper Stock for Your Hardcover Book?

Choosing the Right Paper Stock for Your Hardcover Book?

Congratulations on your book! You might have thought the hard part was finishing it, but there are several more steps between the final manuscript to the book in your hands. When you’re working with hardcover book printing services, you’ll need to pick out the right paper stock.

The paper is something many people don’t think twice about until it’s something they have to decide. Choosing the right paper stock can make your book that much better to hold and enjoy, so the decision can’t be made lightly.

Your Needs

When it comes to picking paper, whether you’re working with a hardcover book printing service or self-publishing in a different way, you have to start by thinking about what your project needs. Is your book filled with pictures in a color that would require a certain type of paper to let them shine? Is your book only black text and nothing else?

These are things you have to go through and consider while working with hardcover book printing companies. Books come in all shapes and sizes and the paper makes a difference in how it looks and feels.

You also have to think about what you are willing to pay. Printing a book comes with many costs, and the paper you use will add to those. If you’re working with a publishing house they may preference on style. But if you have the option to weigh in or make the choice yourself, choose what fits best with your book and your budget.

Common Paper Stock Choices

There are several paper stock options that are most common for certain projects. For black and white interiors, the most used is a 50# offset or 60# white, or sometimes cream for a more subtle and soft feel. If your book contains photographs or lots of images in color, you may want to go with an 70#, 80# or 100# glossy paper or matte paper.

You can go with uncoated paper for color printing as well, it just depends on the type of images you’re printing. When working with a hardcover book printing firm, they will likely have paper stock you can choose from and recommendations on what to use once they’ve reviewed your book.

Additional Considerations

Before you make your final choice, there are a few more questions to ask about your project. Are you going to be mailing it out, since some paper weighs more than others and doesn’t compress as easily? Where are you planning to store the books and should the paper be better in different climates?

You should also think about what people will use the book for. Will they want to make notes in the margins? If so, uncoated paper may be a better choice.

Superb Paper Stock and Printing Services

When you’re working with hardcover book printing services, you aren’t alone in the decision. You will have advice from printers who have worked with all kinds of paper stock on all kinds of projects. Take good advice when you hear it and try to base your decision on your actual book and what would work best for the final product and you’ll have a beautifully finished book in no time.

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